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I am sure I am not alone in getting loads of emails from all sorts of Companies, and if it is something I am not interested in I delete it. I must delete 100 emails a week without even opening them. I have never been that bothered how they got my details.



It really pisses me off. I hate spam and I hate being lied to. Many of these emails claim that I have given them permission for my email address to be used by them and I know for a fact that it's not true.


Spam wastes time and data protection is important.

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Rangers First have posted this tonight on Twitter:

#RangersFirst has access to a number of databases sone 25000 names


RF's' date=' Shareholders, red n black, Save Rangers

All with owners permission[/quote']


RFs is obviously fine.

Shareholders is publicly available so is OK.

Red n black - hmmm. They may have RnB's permission but I doubt RnB are registered with the data protection commissioners and have the people's permission to freely distribute their personal details.

Save Rangers - The RST? Have they really given their permission to RF to use their database?

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It's not a mess at all , it's just mud slinging and petty bitching by people who should know better , truly pathetic from some on this forum


I hope that comment is not aimed at me.


I had asked where they got my details from. The answer they gave was not satisfactory, so i had asked again. i don't think it's a trivial matter.

Rangers First have emailed me back still stating they had the database owners permission, however had cross referenced me incorrectly with someone with the same name as myself.


I have no idea whether they have permission or not.


I am not a member of Rangers First or RST.

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