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2013 - European transfer deadline 11pm on Monday 2nd September as the 31st August fell on a weekend.


2014 - European transfer deadline 11pm on Monday 1st September as the 31st August fell on a weekend.



2014 - SFA follows other European countries without any fuss, statements or similar.


2013 - SFA closes deadline on Sat 31st August, as to extend it to Monday in line with the rest of Europe was not following "Sporting Integrity"



Whats the difference I hear you ask? In 2013 Rangers illegal transfer embargo finished on 31 August 2013, therefore giving our club a very short window to sign players before the European deadline passed on the Monday. It was nothing to do with the Rangers situation according to the SFA it was to do with sticking to the Sporting Integrity of the deadline.


Seems nobody in Media-land has the balls to bring up this clear breach of their own Integrity laws. Rhegan must be pissing himself all the way to Yorkshire with another pay cheque successfully banked.

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It was their own mistake that they gave us a transfer embargo which ended 2 days before the transfer deadline, so they should have admitted the mistake and allowed us to sign players over those two days.


Instead of that, they essentially punished every single club for their own administrative mistake at the SFA and tried to pull the wool over everyone's eyes with their sporting integrity pish.


How that muppet Stewart Regan is still the SFA's Chief Executive after the long line of f*ck ups he's overseen during his time at Hampden is absolutely mind-blowing.

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They were quite right to not allow a technicality to allow us to slip out of a punishment.


That punishment was however illegal.


They should have quite clearly come out and said the spirit of the penalty was to cover the entire window, so the SFA were not going to sanction any purchases by us on 1/2 September. It was the fact they tried to hide behind a sporting integrity line without even mentioning us, when the whole country knew they were only doing it to spite us, that was shameful. Nevermind the fact that it prevented the other clubs in the country from doing any business those two days.


When pushed, they refused to accept that McKenzie had f****d up the illegal 5 way agreement and not checked the calendar to see when the window was going to close and put the "correct" date in accordingly. They had to come out with the old favourite of Sporting integrity, and point blank denied it was anything to do with us.


Fast forward a year and they are quite happy with a September deadline, as we are no longer under embargo. Shameless.

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What are you talking about?


The punishment was not to sign/register players prior to 1st of September.


I think Tannochsidebear covered it pretty well in his second post.


The fact the deadline fell at a weekend should simply not have let us out of a punishment we ultimately agreed to on a technicality.

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