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Whilst I' m not against people getting the top rate if their performance justifies it there is no way on this earth Somers comes into that category. I cannot think of a single thing he has said or done worthy of note and has been chairman for approaching one year now

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Rangers chairman David Somers sparks fan fury with claim £2500-a-day salary is 'poor' as club lurch towards financial collapse


SOMERS referred to his "poor level of remuneration" in an email exchange with chief operating officer Philip Nash but supporters are not impressed and dubbed the email "crass and arrogant".


RANGERS chairman David Somers has made the stunning claim he is being underpaid – after leading the club to the brink of financial collapse.


His admission is set to anger the supporters who have been told the club have a fortnight to raise £4million or they are set for administration.


It comes at a time when Ibrox chief executive Graham Wallace has refused to deny he will be taking a contractual bonus of up to 100 per cent of his £315,000 salary.


The confession by Somers will also be viewed as crass at a time when the Rangers charity foundation have stepped forward to assist with donations from fans to food banks in the Ibrox area.


Somers, 65, trousers £2500 a day for his work as non-executive leader of the Ibrox board, an annual package of £60,000 a year for a contract that requests he works a maximum two days a month.


In the first two months of his appointment last November he was handed £20,000 but a request by a Rangers fan under the Data Protection Act of 1998 exposed his feelings on his salary package.


The supporter, a shareholder who does not want to be named, had earlier requested details of director service agreements under the Companies Act of 2006.


As a follow-up he asked for copies of all emails and other internal communications at Ibrox that referenced him for the previous three months.


Rangers fans have your say: 15 key questions about YOUR club


The supporter was subsequently forwarded details of an email exchange between chief operating officer Philip Nash and Somers, dated April 29, 2014, which has been seen by Record Sport.


Nash asked if Somers was happy for him to proceed with the request to view the director service

agreements which outline the pay and conditions of the board members at the club.


Somers said: “We should communicate with this guy quickly once we know the legal position, otherwise it will be tomorrow’s headlines.


“Personally, I have no problem in shareholders knowing my poor level of remuneration and the Easdales have waived their fees. If we have to go public, probably best to update their contracts to show they are both receiving no fees.”


Rangers announced on Friday they were seeking to raise £4m from a new shares issue and if the money was not forthcoming they would struggle to pay the bills.


Somers’ email may have been sent four months ago but it was penned a full month after auditors Delottie issued a warning of uncertainty for the business as a going concern unless fans bought season tickets in the summer at previous levels.


Somers is a qualified accountant, a non-executive director of Europe Arab Bank and also a non-executive director of the Ace Group, one of the biggest insurers in the world.


Union of Fans spokesman Chris Graham said: “His email is crass and arrogant and he is more than

generously rewarded for a board that has under-performed so badly administration is once again staring the club in the face.


“His remark is insensitive to the many Rangers fans who live on the breadline or who scrimp and save for the season and matchday tickets that pay the inflated salaries of the likes of Somers and Wallace.


“Rangers players and fans have been supporting local food banks generously in recent months and the remarks from Somers show just how much out of touch he is with reality.”


Rangers declined to comment.



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LOL did i mention Billy ;)


I didn't say you did but the inference will be made by some as I'm sure you know.


On Twitter, I notice one chap saying he's 'not happy he goes running to the Record all the time'. You know that user?

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