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As Pete will tell you the Ajax youth set up isn't that successful anymore.


It won't cost us that much to run ours, I have no doubt on that.


A youth department isn't just about pounds and pennies though. It is much more than that. Just because we haven't produced much lately isn't about it not having the chance to be successful... It is more the issue we have the wrong people running it.


I have seen our U10's and 11's this past season and they are very, very talented. It is when they get to the older age groups that things fall apart. If we got rid of the likes of Sinclair and had suitable replacements I am willing to wager that the youth department would produce plenty of talent. What the first team manager does with them is a different question entirely.


Some of our youths are playing for their national team at an age group above their natural age group, some have Man U and Everton sniffing around..... The talent is there, it just needs the right people to nurture it.


Well they sold Eriksen & Alderweid last season.....both came thro their youth system did they not?

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Well when is he arriving with his millions to invest then ? You said it earlier. How will he get rid off the board to do this? Will there be a Rangers left for him to do this?


How the hell do I know the answers to those questions? Those running the show now are loath to give up the power that they have engineered for themselves over the past few years. I don't see that changing any time soon.

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