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The Atletico team that just beat Real Madrid

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Cost roughly 5 times less! It's worth noting that the bulk of Atletico's money has been spent on 2 players, made from selling off players they have developed. Also, Atletico pay significantly less wages than QPR in England!


Costs in Euros:



Casillas = 0

Marcelo = 8.7

Pepe = 30

Ramos = 27

Arbeloa = 3.98

Bale = 91

Kroos = 30

Modric = 26.29

Ronaldo = 94

Benzema = 41

Rodriguez = 80


Total cost = 431.97



Moya = 3

Juanfran = 4

Miranda = 0

Godin = 8

Siqueira = 10

Gabi = 3

Tiago = 0

Koke = 0

Garcia = 13

Griezmann = 30

Mandzukic = 22


Total cost = 93

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Atletico beat Chelsea last season in the CL with a team that cost £30m. That is a phenomenal achievement.


This isn't a one off match, Atletico have beat Real back to back and won La Liga last season.


This shows that with the right infrastructure large amounts of money are not required.


They are the type of club we should aspire to be, even if I don't love their style of football at times.

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Teams getting beat by cheaper teams? Does that mean the managers of Real and Chelsea are clueless?


I can't see how you can just go out and emulate a giant killing club. I doubt there is a model to follow as obviously it's a combination of factors coming together that are pretty unique - not least some exceptional staff - like Fergie with St Mirren and Aberdeen - why are they not continuing the same model? Logically, if there is an obvious system to follow, then everyone would start to copy it and then who wins?


Successful football and other tactical sports where you punch above your weight, is logically NOT about doing the obvious or the same as someone else, it's about being DIFFERENT in a way that gives you an advantage in the current state of the game.


I agree it's good to look around and see what's working elsewhere and see what you can take from it, but I don't think you can just find a formula to copy.

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Atletico have an exceptional manager who is exactly the right fit for that particular job.


He prioritises the team over individuals and has more control in this regard than say his opposite number in Real Madrid.



I'd say that Atletico were more a football team than a global brand.

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Atletico have beaten Real Madrid back to back at the Bernebeau for the first time in their history.


Excellent article by Sid Lowe


Their astonishing revival under Simeone has resuscitated a rivalry. In late 2011, the south stand of the Bernabéu carried a mocked-up advert, Loot-style. “Wanted: a worthy rival for a decent derby. Apply here,” it said. Since then, Atlético have been to the Bernabéu four times and won three of them. No Atlético manager had ever won three times at Real Madrid before, let alone in four years.


For full article click


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