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I wonder why we don't believe a word that comes out of Ibrox ?


A club spokesman told STV: "Rangers this week welcomed a delegation of Malaysian businessmen led by Datuk Faizoull Bin Ahmad, chairman of the Malaysian Super League football club Felda United.


"The visit was organised as part of on-going discussions between Rangers and Felda United with regard to a potential youth development partnership.


"It was at the request of Mr Bin Ahmad that the trip was kept confidential. While he was with us, Mr Bin Ahmad also looked at our community and social inclusion strategies.


“Mr Rafat Rizvi arrived with the Malaysian delegation without our prior knowledge. He is an advisor to Mr Bin Ahmad.


"Subsequent media reports suggesting Mr Bin Ahmad is in discussions with Rangers regarding anything other than youth development are untrue."





This was called out for being cr@p at the time and it doesn't seem to have taken long for confirmation.

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More lies. With the considerable evidence to prove incompetence and perhaps skull duggery, why aren't the more honest institutions asking serious questions about their investment? Corporate governance mustn't exist in the Blue Room.


Deloitte should be asking those types of questions too.

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I await the spin being that the statement saying both were together was poorly worded. People will but that explanation and the journey to hiving off assets continues.


It wasn't a statement as such.

I don't think it went out on the official site.


The STV were briefed by a "Rangers spokesman" and the club were obviously happy to let it pass at the time.


Green&Co/ Rizvi/ Mystery investor block/............. Green/ Easdale/ Proxy/ Rizvi/ Toxic spokesman/......STV

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