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Ibrox will be silent ..................

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I note the Tartan Army are proposing NOT to join in with the national anthem, 'the Flower of Scotland' before the next Euro international against Georgia at Ibrox. Apparently, the line, 'and be a nation again' is now redundant in light of yesterday's referendum result. A new national anthem is urgently required and the rabid Rangers hating website, Pie and Bovril are considering hosting an opinion poll on the matter.


I suggested Dougie McLean's 'Caledonia', preferably sung by Frankie Miller. A perfect fit for Ibrox since Frankie's grandfather was Archie Kyle. An inside forward that played five seasons at Rangers over a century past, very popular and whisper it, a catholic. Remember, we didn't sign any until MoJo. I offered Andy Stewart's 'Donald, whaurs yer troosers', most fitting and in keeping with the determined East of Brigadoon chic adorned by the vast majority of the Tartan Army. Finally, I inquired as to the acceptability of a really catchy anthemic tune beloved at the old stadium, 'the Billy Boys'?


The barstewards deleted my post. I was trying to be helpful too.

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How about adapting Gilbert and Sullivan's He is an English man to, He is an British man


He is an Britishman

For he himself has said it,

And it's greatly to his credit,

That he is an Britishman

That he is an Britishman

For he might have been a Roosian,

A French, or Turk, or Proosian,

Or perhaps Irishman

But in spite of all temptations

To belong to other nations,

He remains an Britishman

He remains an Britishman

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