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I apologise if this has already been covered.


I didn't mind the jibes and slagging that we got at the time of admin because it was what it was and I would probably have stuck the knife in if our main rivals went through "a time of difficulty" to put it politely but as it went on and with no figurehead in the public eye to take the blame, we as fans were the aim for the blame. Pay your taxes, don't spend outwith your budget and so on.....we don't have control over that, we pay our money and assume the powers at be were there to look after our money. Does anyone have any hope that SDM will act upon Whytes latest court date? Is there any chance that a ruling will be made for shareholders to be compensated? (I realise Whyte can't pay). I dislike using the word victim but I would get some comfort if everybody outside of the Rangers family knew that that's what we were.

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I think Sir Duped of Murray will be hoping that it blows over without another word mentioned,......... fat chance !


I'm hoping he gets collared himself.


The sale to Whyte will be investigated meticulously and the names will come out in the end.No question about that

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