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RANGERS today demanded an apology from Livingston over "outrageous and unacceptable" content in their match programme at the weekend.




And the Ibrox club will also report their SPFL Championship rivals to the governing body over the "erroneous material".


Gers supporters were incensed at two articles which appeared in the programme at the Energy Assets Arena.


One story referred to "the club then known as Rangers" playing a game against Hibernian three years ago.


It went on to state that "a brand new club" had been established after the old parent company was liquidated back in 2012.


Another story in the Livingston programme mentioned the West Lothian club's record against the "now-defunct outfit" and "the newly-formed Rangers".


However, High Court judge Lord Nimmo Smith ruled that Rangers was a "recognisable entity which continued in existence notwithstanding the change in ownership" two years ago.


Livingston officials are believed to be horrified by the comments that appeared in the official publication which is edited by supporter Andy Crawford.


However, Rangers still want their rivals, who they defeated 1-0 at the weekend, to apologise over the offence caused to the 54-times Scottish champions.


A club statement read: "The content written about the football club and our players was outrageous and entirely unacceptable.


"We will be raising the issue with the SPFL and seeking an apology from Livingston FC, who had a duty to prevent such erroneous material from appearing in their programme."


Meanwhile, Rangers are set to escape any sanction from the SPFL over the crowd trouble that flared in the stands and outside the stadium in Livingston on Saturday.


However, the League One champions are set to issue anyone who is convicted following the unrest at the weekend with banning orders from their matches.


There were violent scuffles between Gers fans and police and stewards in one section of the stands during the first half of the second-tier game.


Livingston safety officer Alan Scott confirmed: "There were five people arrested. The stewards and police assisted each other in dealing with the matter and no police or stewards were injured."


And after the match mounted police reportedly had to break up an altercation between Rangers and Livingston supporters in the car park of nearby supermarket Lidl.


The incidents are set to be mentioned in the official report to the SPFL by match delegate Alan Dick that should arrive at the Hampden offices of the governing body tomorrow.


However, Rangers are confident their preparations for the match were professional and in accordance with strict guidelines laid down by the SPFL. They should, therefore, escape any official censure.


After the match, Rangers manager Ally McCoist commented: "I did see it and it looked pretty unsavoury, but until I get a report on it I would be loath to comment other than to say we can do without incidents like that."



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Rangers programme jibes: Livingston chairman Gordon McDougall apologises to Gers fans over multiple 'defunct' references.


THE West Lothian club's supremo issued an apology tonight over the numerous references to liquidation in the club programme for the match with Rangers yesterday.


LIVINGSTON chairman Gordon McDougall has apologised to furious Rangers fans who bombarded his club with complaints after liquidation jibes in their match programme.


The West Lothian supremo responded after raging Ibrox supporters contacted Livi to demand an explanation over wording in the magazine released for Saturday’s game.


The visitors page opened with the line: “This weekend three years ago, the club then known as Rangers defeated Hibernian at Ibrox.”


In the player profile pages, Steven Smith’s section read: “Stevie enjoyed eight years with the now defunct club.”


Kris Boyd’s read: “Another who had a spell at the now defunct club.”


In the previous meetings section, it stated: “It is, of course, the first meeting of the two sides since the newly-formed Rangers joined Division Three, but safe to say our record against the now-defunct outfit was not particularly strong.”


Ibrox fans were raging with the references and have threatened a boycott, which prompted McDougall to issue a statement last night.


It read: “As someone who has never sent a message on Facebook, Twitter or any other form of Social Media in my lifetime, I was astonished on Saturday night to be told that Rangers fans were contacting the stadium reception to complain about certain content in our match programme.


“Not having had time to read any of the programme content as preparations for the game had taken up all of my time for the past week and more, I made a point of looking through the offending parts in order to understand what the concern was.


“I can only offer my sincere apologies to any fans who have been offended by what was written as there was no intention to offend anyone.


“It did place a bit of a dampener on what had been a really enjoyable afternoon for myself personally as it had been a pleasure being able to help the many Rangers fans who had ticketing problems etc, including finding seats for a blind supporter and those who had not received their postal delivery.


"The game was also played in great spirit by all concerned.


“As a true football fan who has paid my way through the turnstiles for countless years before entering the boardroom, I fully understand the emotion involved for their fans in the current Rangers situation.


“The thousands of fans Rangers brought to Livingston on Saturday are greatly appreciated by everyone at Livingston as I am certain they are at every ground they have visited over recent seasons.


“Rangers are a wonderful addition to the Championship this year in what promises to be a truly memorable race for promotion.


“We are fortunate to have a small, but devoted group of people who produce our match programme here at Livingston.


“Those people spend hours of unpaid time preparing their copy and scoring points in print is not part of our club’s agenda.


“They are all fans of this club who have followed our own chequered history, often critically, as it has ironically followed a similar path to that of Rangers in recent years.


“I have spoken with the programme editor today and can assure all fans that there is absolutely no bigotry or sectarian issue or intention at Livingston.


“We are a club who welcome everyone with the same warmth and appreciation of their interest in football.”



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Livi should be made to explain exactly why we are not a knew club in their next program, also a charity donation would be in order from them for their snide comments.


If i had known what they had written in their program, i would have given their ground a miss on Saturday, but their are now on my' miss list' of clubs that put the boot in to us.

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This is something that will continually be rammed down our throats when returning to the top tier.


This at the same time as sp.ivs have their hand in our pocket grasping for cash and until we as a club are able to dedicate income towards running the football club, opposed to going out the door down SouthSpi.v/SD, we'll have to take the abuse without being able to answer properly on the field.

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This is something that will continually be rammed down our throats when returning to the top tier.


This at the same time as sp.ivs have their hand in our pocket grasping for cash and until we as a club are able to dedicate income towards running the football club, opposed to going out the door down SouthSpi.v/SD, we'll have to take the abuse without being able to answer properly on the field.

When I saw you had posted I knew the direction it would take, not that I remotely disagree with you :lover:

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