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THE Rangers fans have been absolutely magnificent in their backing of the Ibrox club since they dropped down to the bottom division two years ago.




So it was desperately sad to see a small number of individuals involved in some ugly scenes in the stands in the SPFL Championship game through in Livingston.


I couldn't see what happened from my position in the commentary box. But it has been claimed police attempted to arrest a supporter who was clearly the worse for wear and scuffles broke out.


There were thousands of travelling supporters at the Energy Assets Arena who behaved impeccably. But the unfortunate incident reflects badly on Gers fans as a whole.


If anybody is prosecuted as a result of what happened then Rangers should definitely come down hard on them and issue banning orders.


They have to send out a clear message that such actions will not be tolerated.



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Yep, DJ. One should also simply take a few scuffles at every football game with the proverbial pinch of salt though.


The way this is being spun - time and again - you would think Rangers (still) have a "real problem", an echo of days past when any whisper of "sectarian" chanting was splashed out like there is no tomorrow. With a carpet of silence being flung over anything that transpires from the stands of the opposition or other teams' supporters, not least that of the Yahoos. When was the last time any press or media outlet was having a go at people screaming "H*uns" at us, or "Orange Bastards"? We are told to man-up when this happens ... but dare you, young man, to sing a banned song in a remote place like Livingston that may offend the tea lady half a mile away. (You'd want to know what sort of "banter" she hears when other teams happen by.) Off you go and you become a "trouble-maker"! :facepalm:


When some half-drunk or juvenile folk of the "in-spite" brigade do something silly (like singing (at this moment and time) banned songs), they should be able to take a talking to by the police on their chins (and grow up). Likewise, you, DJ, should call upon the police and the authorities to hand out any sort of e.g. "anti-sectarian" punishment even-handedly.

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