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if this is knocked back by the easdales and co, then King needs to come out with documented evidence of the deal offered, who the players (other investors etc) are, what they wanted in return , who they wanted to run the business and their vision for the club (realistic not CL in two years shite). If that is a coherent and reasonable package that was offered then every single fan HAS to stop going to Ibrox and STOP buying any merchandise and let the ashleys and easdales and whoever know that without money coming in there is nothing in it for them. On the other hand if King etc have offered a bag o shite then that would be apparent if they are open and honest..

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The next move in all of this will be most interesting indeed bearing in mind the dire financial situation.

Will the board be forced to eat humble pie & go back to King & co or do they have alternatives in the pipeline? who knows

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