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Ashley and Whyte partying (The Scotsman)

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Giving evidence, she described being assaulted in the Grill Room at 29, a private members club at Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow, in December 2011. She said she had hosted the Cash for Kids lunch at the Hilton hotel earlier that day and afterwards had gone on to an after-party with her husband and others, including Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley and former Rangers owner Craig Whyte, who was then still with the club.


From link in OP.


Circumstancial, could be coincidental but still curious.


- Has Mike Ashely a connection with this charity ?


- Does MA often come up to Scotland ?




Just to add.

In the Sevco 5088/CW 'letter before the claim' from 2012 that still indirectly occupies a place in our accounts regards 'contingent liability' there was the following line.


7 (e). [i]“Introduced Jim Park as a consultant in order to introduce Mike Ashley, owner of Newcastle United, as both a key investor and developer of the RFC retail arm”[/i]....................There were widespread allegations of a commission being paid by Rangers to Jim Park but I don't have any proof.


Jim Park was a "lifelong friend" of Craig Whyte's Dad.


The Daily Record ran the following story

"Craig Whyte's pal hired by Charles Green to find investors for Rangers"




Anyone got anything to add ?

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I'd have thought Malcolm Murray would be well aware of any Ashley/Park/Whyte relationship.


In 2011, MM didn't have any direct connection with Rangers / CW.

There are many people who don't go public with their thoughts because their knowledge is limited (pieces of a large jigsaw), is often without hard evidence and as you know very well....you must tread warily.



First thing that comes to mind is that Ashely wouldn't have anything to do with guys like CW.


But then you think SDM/CW and MA/CGreen and the pursuit of 'deals'.

Not forgetting that CW at that time was owner of Rangers, a retail brand that Ashely would be getting control of 8 months later.

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