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Apologies for posting but I would to mention a couple of things.


If it is true that Rangers will not earn anything/negligible from merchandise, then surely it presents an opportunity for the two organisations who are buying shares on the fans' behalf.


Maybe manufacturing their own (classic style) unofficial (but official quality) Rangers tops could provide a serious income stream for the organisations. I would imagine that a football top could be manufactured for circa £5 either in UK or China.


30,000 tops at £30/£35 each would provide around £750,000 profit(after further costs) to be used to purchase shares with. Surely every website and supporters club could get behind such an initiative and drive sales.


Given two or three cycles, a serious share position could be built by the fans.


Well done last night.

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The red and black isn't "Rangers" enough. What is needed is a Rangers Followers shirt which is blue obviously, but doesn't feature any of the club's registered crests or logos but it wouldn't be difficult to cococt a getup that is obviously Rangers but doesn't infringe any of the £pivs' marks.


That's the easy bit. The hard bit is getting getting the umpteen factions of the support to agree on what to wear. Perhaps a basic shirt in 1960s shade of blue with red and white in the collar and folk who wanted to could add their own regimental devices and the rest of us could wear the colours, support the team but give no cash to £pivs.

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