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What a foolish comment from a learned man.


Of course it doesn't feel like the Rangers many grew up with, but the fact is - it is.


When he says, as is suggested, that it has to establish its own history now, this suggests that Rangers is a new club, and if DF really believes that, why is he even interested in it?


We all know that Rangers doesn't FEEL like Rangers any more, and it is quite permissible to say so, but when so many fans have investing so much time and effort making sure that the club really did continue when financial meltdown occurred, this is a kick in the teeth to every last one of them.


We've already had to contend with Walter Smith talking about the new Rangers Football Club, and now this. No wonder people are chucking it when former high-ranking club employees are sounding off unthinkingly in this manner.

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It may well be not the Rangers he knew...but he's a sectarian bastard who tainted the club and lost his highly paid involvement in it, what he doesn't realise is folk like me continue to follow the club we've always followed. So piss off Findlay. WATP!

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