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Strachan pleads for league 'engineering' to get Rangers...

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...Hibs and Hearts back to the top.


GORDON STRACHAN claims Scottish football might need to engineer change to get Rangers, Hearts and Hibs back into the top flight.


Speaking on Sky’s ‘Goals on Sunday’ programme, the Scotland boss said getting all three promoted is for the good of the game.


This season only one team is certain of climbing up from the Championship.


One other team could gain promotion via the play-offs but one club is guaranteed to spend another term in the second tier.


Strachan reckons the hype at the impending Old Firm League Cup semi-final shows how much the game has missed the Glasgow derby.


And he reckons finding a way to “manipulate” the leagues to get all the big guns back in double-quick time would be a good move.


He said: “Somehow we have to get these three teams back. People say you can’t manipulate it, but I think you must to get them back in the Premiership.


“Then the game will grow again, with the crowds and money and excitement.”


On the Old Firm cup-tie, he said: “The top league has missed Hearts, Hibs and Rangers, so to get that fixture back is fantastic, as all the talk is administration and all the rest of it.


“The phone-ins are filled with all these kind of things.


We need Rangers back. They were punished and something had to happen but it’s left Scottish football short.”


Rangers started again in the bottom tier while Hearts dropped out of the top flight after administration and a 15-point penalty.


Hibs’ abject failure last season saw them relegated via the play-offs.


SFA and SPFL chiefs may secretly agree with Strachan, but finding a fair way to do it would be hard to do.



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His beloved Hibees will struggle to go up at the first time of asking, so that may explain his silliness.


They appear to have improved a lot in recent weeks and will be third pretty soon.


It looks like a close race at the top and would be vastly diminished if all three were somehow to be "guaranteed" promotion.


I'll upgrade my "silly" to "really stupid".

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We need Rangers back. They were punished and something had to happen but it’s left Scottish football short.”


Punished for what èxactly? Being victims of a crime nothing had to happen.


Punished for fictitious EBT tax liabilties which continue to be unproven which largely contributed to the laughable debt figure quoted of £134m.

Strachan should ask the 10 SPL chairmen or CEO's why they voted Rangers out of the top division. Start with Liewell. Their responses would be interesting given what's happened since

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