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Ronny Deila hits out at fans who disrupted silence

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CELTIC manager Ronny Deila has expressed his disappointment after some fans disrupted a Remembrance Sunday silence ahead of their 2-1 victory over Aberdeen.


The minute of reflection, which remembers British servicemen and women who have died in conflicts since the First World War began 100 years ago, was quickly interrupted by some fans shouting and singing from the visiting section at Aberdeen’s Pittodrie Stadium.


Some Celtic supporters tried to shout the protesters down and noise was evident throughout the 60 seconds, just before the Scottish Premiership game kicked off.


Norwegian manager Deila said: “That was disappointing.


“But again 99 per cent was good. Sometimes some people are not respectful.


“It’s very, very important for Celtic to be respectful.”


Celtic FC Foundation, the club’s charity organisation, this week donated £10,000 to Poppyscotland and carried a story on their website detailing the Celtic players who died during the First World War.


The issue has proved controversial in the past, with a group of Celtic fans staging a banner protest against the “blood-stained poppy on our hoops” when the club strip carried the symbol for a game four years ago.



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Four football fans charged after Celtic clash at Pittodrie.




FOUR people have been charged following Aberdeen FC’s heated clash with Celtic at Pittodrie.


Two Celtic supporters were charged after alleged disruption to the minute’s silence for Remembrance Sunday before the match kicked off.


The other two arrests involved a Celtic fan, who allegedly breached bail conditions, and a Dons fan.


Celtic won 2-1 against the Dons.



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the BBC have been their usual dishonest selves in their (lack of ) reporting about this (repeated) disgrace. That's to be expected and there's nothing we can do about that shower of unaccountable liars.


the SFA, however, should be taking action against the club for the misbehaviour of their fans. if this doesn't constitute bringing the game into disrepute, I don't know what does.

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Why did Stokes stand holding his genitals during the minutes silence, seen people saying it was disrespectful but not sure why?


I've had a look at this post a few times and I still can't make up my mind if the question is genuine. Let's assume it is.

Let's compare Stokes' actions with another ROI player - James McClean.

We know that McClean refused to wear the poppy and he gave us a written letter ( composed by who knows ? ). He, however, received a congratulatory tweet from the esteemed Deputy First Minister of the Assembly in Ulster, and convicted IRA terrorist, Martin McGuiness.

His reason given is - 'It is just a part of who we are, ingrained into us from birth.'

See the article for context here - http://www.u.tv/News/McClean-a-credit-McGuinness/bb5e39ba-b81c-4c9a-94e2-b4d8fcc76252

Stokes on the other hand preferred to be more graphic in his message. No doubt he will expect a similar congratulatory tweet from his friends in the Real IRA.

It is interesting to note that their Taoiseach Enda Kenny attended a commemoration at Enniskillen, attempting to build on warming relations between Republican Ireland and the U.K.

No doubt in both of the footballers' cases they were extending to the British and their culture a big huge 'F*$K You'.

Message received and understood from both of these forlorn souls.

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C'mon SC, you have proven your mental acuity on several occasions. Both teams are standing in the easy position with their hands behind their backs and heads bowed in respect. Why would this man grab his 'boaby' in public and hold it there for over a minute?

Other than to make a public statement of insult, can you figure some other reason?

As McLean said ' It is just a part of who we are, ingrained into us from birth. '

If I was inclined to say anything to these men and their culture it might run along the lines of Rabbie,

'O wad some Power the giftie gie us

To see oursels as ithers see us!'

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