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Ibrox could soon become The Fruity King arena


Mobile gambling company reportedly offered the naming rights for Rangers FC famous Ibrox stadium.


Last week Daily Record Sport claimed it had received leaked emails showing correspondence between SPFL head of partnerships Keith Campbell and a broker for Fruity King (Mobile Gaming Company) in which details of a potential three-year title sponsorship deal are discussed.


In one email sent on December 16, Campbell writes: “The fee for the title sponsorship of the four Scottish leagues is £1.75m though this is subject to an agreed rights package.”


With the financial troubles plaguing Scottish football and the mobile gaming company bullishly proclaiming; “We are interested in stadium naming rights, shirt sponsorship deals and football league rights packages.” It seems in the in the murky world of football agents, brokers and commercial deals that business dealings are very much going on behind the scenes.


A source close to the mobile gaming company told Winner Sports: “Rangers need money, the company received a tender from someone representing Rangers FC a few days ago and are currently in the process of due diligence.”


Discussions with the SPFL are said to be “ongoing” and are set to continue early in 2015


A spokesperson for Fruity King told us:

“There is a real opportunity for those clubs who have not yet made the leap of faith to re-name their stadium, there is untapped revenue.”


“If we pay the money they want, then we will call it The Fruity King Arena.”


“It is a dual interest, clubs need money to compete and we want to expand our brand to reach new markets via football.”


But it doesn’t, or shouldn’t, matter explains the gaming giant’s commercial spokesperson: “We’re not concerned about the fans reaction. This is purely from a commercial aspect…” Using Rangers’ Ibrox Stadium as the example he continues, “… they can still call it Ibrox if they prefer. This is nothing new in the sports franchise world. This has been going on for over a decade in the USA.”


He continued, “Look at the deal between The New Orleans Pelicans and Smoothie King. It was renamed The Smoothie King Center (originally New Orleans Arena) in 2014.”




Sounds like bullshit, however.....

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