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"JACKIE McNAMARA is desperate for cash row to end...."

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JACKIE McNAMARA is desperate for Dundee United’s cash row with Rangers over Charlie Telfer to end.


The clubs are locked in a stalemate over the Scotland youth star’s summer switch from Murray Park to Tannadice.


Telfer has made four appearances for United – scoring in the 3-0 win over St Mirren earlier this month – while he made his one and only top-team appearance for Rangers as a sub in April.


Under SPFL rules clubs can receive compensation for developing and training players under 23 who move as free agents.


Rangers argue they are entitled to six years’ cash for the player between the age of 12 to 18.


United, meanwhile, believe the Championship side should only receive money to cover two years since liquidation in 2012.


Tannadice chairman Stephen Thompson was even claimed to have said “you’ve only got two years of history”.


With both clubs unable to decide on a fee for the player the dispute will now be heard by an independent panel.


And McNamara said: “For everybody it would be good if it was sorted, especially for young Charlie. He came in last week against St Mirren and he was excellent.


“He was a bit unfortunate not to start the game at Motherwell on Friday but for all of us it would be good if we can get that resolved so we can move on.


“There are all sorts of things come in to it, I’m not an expert on that. That will be up for the people in charge of the tribunal to decide.”

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SPFL/SFA rules are clear.


Our licence was transferred along with all our intellectual property - including history. There should be no way they can accommodate Utd's claim without putting their own actions under scrutiny.

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Where are the SFA & SPFL here ? there's no debate whatsoever regards the club. 'Sporting continuity' declared the club continued after its corporate identity changed.

If Thompson is still in any doubt someone should show him the Rangers section of the SPFL website. It clearly shows FOUNDED 1872

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'You've only got two years of history'.


Those wondering why the Livingston programme issue is a big deal, take note of the above. The lie is gradually becoming settled in Scottish football that Rangers is a new club. If we don't challenge those who say these things, we'll get everything that we deserve.

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think it's a good thing it's going to an official ruling as that forces them to clarify this issue , hopefully, once and for all..


It's already been clarified several times. Doing it again won't stop the pondlife persisting with the 'new club' nonsense. Only legal action will

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