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"Dear Burton Press Office,


I was disgusted to see that your stores are selling, today, a T-Shirt using a very famous image of "The Gallant Pioneers" the founding fathers of Rangers Football Club modified with images of skulls and a general theme of death.


You may or may not be aware of a narrative, promoted by bitter and twisted rival fans that describes my football club as "dead" and "extinct" despite the overwhelming weight of evidence and rulings in the courts and by the footballing authorities around the world to the contrary. As a Rangers fan of many years, I find this kind of behavior abhorrent and offensive.


I wonder if your design teams would feel comfortable using an image of the Manchester United team from 1958, around the time of the Munich Disaster? Would a T-Shirt with an image of Liverpool fans in skeletal form be acceptable given the 96 of them who perished at Hillsborough?


I'm sure these ideas would be rejected and quite rightly so. Why then is it acceptable for you to use an image of Rangers players, given the background and narrative I've described?


I hope that now this oversight has been pointed out to you, that these T-Shirts and anything else using the image of The Gallant Pioneers will be removed from your stores and inventory with immediate effect.


I was a customer of Burton and many other Arcadia Group retailers but I must now reconsider where I spend my money from this point on.


Yours Sincerely


***** ****"

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The club should be dealing with tbis


Should - but won't. They won't give a damn about this. They have no feeling or passion for our club.


The most they will do - if forced into it - will be to say they are 'disappointed by this'


The thing that gets me - would ****s even wear this ??? You might get the odd deranged one or two, but I can't even see any of them buying and actually wearing this.


Clearly the 'designer' is a **** and is having a laugh and has been able to sneek this in to the Burton range. To be honest their buyers probably didn't know the meaning of the 'design' and were unware of the context. It's a **** at the wind up.

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From Burton:


T-shirt update. Product being removed from sale ASAP. Internal investigation already underway & we apologise for offence caused.


Fundamental mistake, but not one we should be making. Thanks to all for flagging it up.

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