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My feeling is that McCoist/McDowall/Durrant will stay in place for the rest of the season. I hope they can deliver promotion as failing to do so is unthinkable.


However, for next season, I'd be heartened if Rangers looked into taking a progressive, modern-thinking manager + assistants from English League 1. (That's where I think value can be found.)


The kind of people I'd love the club to look for would be:


* completely and unequivocally committed to an attractive, modern style of play which involves moving the ball around quickly on the ground.

* good coaches.

* serious minded and detail orientated.

* happy to accept scouts' recommendations on "value priced" players (young, touch, pace, can improve) from the lower leagues of England and Scotland, accept them into the club and work on their game and physical development.


This would be part of a move to a more sustainable and entertaining football model.

Someone who selects players on merit and not who they are would be good too.

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I suspect that the advice given to Ally from friends, family and colleagues will be to stick it out until he is removed, and with a large cheque being part of the deal.


He should have been served his year's notice period long ago, but because it didn't happen, sacking him now will be just as expensive as it was months ago.

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ally absoloutly should not walk away the ****s will just take the money saved and give it to one of their pals.


that's true and it's the same with the money spent on players and wages. If we'd brought in players on low wages the money saved would have walked out the door...same as Ally's salary if he chucked it

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