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Jon Daly urges team-mates to help manager out

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I would urge Daly to help his manager by going for the ball rather than the man when crosses come in. If you're not going to win the ball, Jon, work out where the defender has to be to get it and make sure you're there first. That way you still won't win the ball but you might get the foul in your favour instead of the other way round which happened endlessly on Saturday.


I agree with most of what you say but don't you think a player like Daly needs proper service? A wide player putting crosses would have been a better option than Smith. All I saw constantly was the usual long ball to Daly 30 yards from goal.

I also think McCoist should seriously consider playing Daly and Clark next Sunday. They played together not too badly last season and we have to be honest both Miller & Boyd have been extremely disappointing

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All the boys really like the manager and the coaching staff.


that line was in the DR article and missing on the beeb one I copied.. says it all really. way to cosy relationships all round..


Exactly. McCoist's first test as a manger was against Malmo. His pals the players had no discipline and subsequently Rangers suffered drastically, red cards and embarrassing defeat. Yesterday, obviously, was McCoist's most recent test as a manager. His pals the players had no discipline and subsequently Rangers suffered drastically - although, amazingly and no thanks to Miller & Boyd, only 1 red card . No need to go through the dozens of embarrassments in between. No change since day 1.


Who gives a fuck, as long as they are good buddies. No need to have a boss, just a bff. Results don't matter in the footie business....

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