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STEVEN NAISMITH reckons Rangers fans have been treated 'appallingly' as they have been put through the wringer in recent years.




The Light Blue legions have had to contend with a mixture of emotions as their club has fallen from grace, but they have backed Ally McCoist's side in huge numbers throughout their recovery from financial meltdown.


Naismith joined the likes of Steven Whittaker, Allan McGregor and Kyle Lafferty in quitting Ibrox two years ago.


He has never been forgiven by many supporters for his controversial Ibrox departure.


But the Scotland star still has sympathy with the plight of his former club as they look to complete the last stage of their journey back to Scotland's top tier this term.


Naismith said: "Looking back, I would definitely have done some things differently. None of us wanted to leave that way. It wasn't nice at all. We did all we could.


"It wasn't deferred wages (we had). It was wage cuts, in the hope that we came out of administration and could move on. It didn't happen.


"It got to the point where there was not much else the players could do.


"People would have liked us to have stayed and transferred over, but it wasn't just as easy as doing that.


"In years to come people will understand it a bit more and understand it from the players' point of view a bit more.


"The fans always have their opinion and they are right to because they pay good money to come and watch. They are the backbone, especially of a club like Rangers.


"Over the last two or three years they have been treated appallingly.


"For everyone's sake, hopefully it gets better and they can get back in the division they deserve to be in challenging for trophies."


It is almost three years since financial problems hit home at Ibrox during Craig Whyte's disastrous reign, but Rangers remain in the money mire.


Cash problems continue to hold the club back and 10 members of staff were last week made redundant as huge losses look to be stemmed once again.


Fans are still furious at the state the Light Blues are in and have launched a series of attacks against the under-fire board as attendances have plummeted this term.


And Naismith is upset at the devastating series of events at his boyhood heroes.


He said: "It is disappointing and sad because it is the club I grew up supporting. I had some of my best memories in football there, but a situation arose that was out of everybody's hands.


"I think the fans and the good people at the club are still suffering. I hope they will come out of this situation they are in soon.


"It was a horrible decision for everyone involved to make. The biggest thing for us, as players, was that no-one was made redundant and we did that part of it. Over time, I am sure the truth will come out."



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"People would have liked us to have stayed and transferred over, but it wasn't just as easy as doing that.


What like McCulloch, Alexander etc etc all found so difficult??


Naismith really needs to just quit the sooking and jog on.

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I really can't blame any of them for moving on, it's just a shame that he conducted that press conference.


Quite why he thought that was a good idea is beyond me, the others just moved on and remained quiet but Whittaker and Naismith were advised to conduct a press conference with journos asking loaded questions.


Cracking wee player too.

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Vividly remember that day when we won the championship at Rugby Park. Had to go work and was only on for about 30 mins, and quite nervous at the start. Then came those famous 7 minutes that saw us 3 goals up ...


Ever since admin I could not bring myself to watch this game again (which is obviously stored on my HDD) because of some of those who were heroes on that day. Which is rather sad, since I still admire Naismith as one of the best attackers (when fit) we had these last 10 years or so.

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