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FUGITIVE Craig Whyte has been arrested in Mexico, prosecutors said last night.


The former Rangers owner was held when scores of police swooped to execute an arrest warrant.


Whyte, 43, is understood to have been living in the central American country for a number of months.


A Crown Office spokesman said they would now take the necessary steps to secure his appearance at Glasgow Sheriff Court.


A police warrant was issued two weeks ago in connection with Whyte’s purchase of the Ibrox club for £1 from Sir David Murray in 2011.


A second warrant was issued by a High Court judge last week when Motherwell-born Whyte failed to appear for a trial at the Royal Courts of Justice in London.


Walter Smith and David Murray lead star witnesses called to give evidence at Rangers fraud case


Crown Office officials will now examine the UK’s extradition treaty with Mexico. But it is possible the shamed entrepreneur could waive his right to challenge the proceedings and agree to the extradition.


In recent days, Whyte said he would return voluntarily to assist police with their probe into the takeover.


He said: “I will return to Britain at the beginning of December and hand myself in for questioning.”


The SFA are also

determined to see Whyte brought to justice over more than £200,000 in unpaid fines, although privately they admit they do not expect he will be in a position to pay.


Three men who worked for Rangers’ administrators Duff & Phelps – Paul Clark, David Whitehouse and David Greer – appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court last week along with solicitor Gary Withey, who worked for Whyte’s law firm.


They made no plea or declaration.




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Nothing that happens to him will restore the damage done to us, though


But let's hope the whole story comes out including those who enabled this fraud to take place i.e. Did LBG never do due diligence of any sort to see where the money had come from?

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Oh agreed, Rab. Lets get the story out (though of course we are dealing with a host of liars and a legal system known for not getting the truth out so we can't even count our chickens on that....)


Fingers crossed that we do - there are many, many questions to which I'd like answers....... but, even so, we'll never see the liquidation reversed and the players and years stolen from us cannot be returned.I'm glad that he's been arrested but I am still sad rather than wildly celebrating and I am very far from being sexually aroused. Perhaps gunslinger is just so much younger than me!

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