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Rangers may be prevented from playing in Europe because of Ashley

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Meh, they're 5th after 12 games and they've only finished that high once in 7 years under Ashley.


Plus, there's currently only a 7 point gap between 4th place Man U and 16th place Villa.


I simply believe they have a far better chance than us of qualifying for Europe in the next 5 to 10 years.

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Looks as though Ashley needs to look at where his priorities lie. More money in the EPL than he'll ever get here but keeping his retail deal and ditching his henchmen might open up the path for King. Every cloud?


KIng will ride in and save us yet again?:rolleyes:

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Newcastle and Rangers will not be able to play in Europe together next season because Uefa have confirmed Newcastle United and Rangers will not be allowed to play in Europe together, even if they qualify for different competitions, because of Mike Ashley’s involvement in the running of both clubs.


Now, I'd want to see that bit of info from UEFA printed. Have they issued the same for e.g. all the Red Bull teams involved? What is it based upon? Not that this is anything new anyway, even though the "different competitions" stuff would be.


Ashley’s seizure of power at Ibrox means Newcastle may never play in Europe again while he remains the club’s owner, a depressing prospect for supporters who believe the team should be challenging for European qualification every year.


Joining up with the doomsingers, it seems. Never is hardly a word that should be used in a football context, unless you speak of the likes of Third Lanark. If someone's happy enough to pay Ashley his Magpie money, his "not before 2016" remark goes out of the window (and you can bet that a SD deal would still be around Newcastle's neck). While we theoretically might achieve a European slot in 2016, the scenario is unlikely that either team may end up in Europe - given the current situation at both clubs. Thus, a lot of ifs and buts and maybes.

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