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When will this McCoist induced nightmare end?

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the boards ineptitude is universal its just that you care when they are inept about super and we care when they are inept about doing what is best for the club at every level not just first team manager.


It all goes hand in hand, poor financial management and letting the football side go to rot.

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Been a while since I disagreed, my only issue is with boycotts.


But Ally will drive plenty away without the need for official organised boycotts.


He already has driven plenty away.......

Our incumbent board have a major decision to take this morning. Failure to do so will be a serious dereliction of their duties.

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People are saying he should do the decent thing and resign before it's too late and his memory is tarnished forever, for me it's already too late. I will never be able to hear his name or see it written in print without cringing at how unbelievably shit and deluded his time as manager of our club was and will continue to be, I already need to search deep to remember the goals he scored that helped make my childhood a happy one.


We need someone in who has fresh ideas and a hunger to succeed. McCoist is comfortable with his inflated salary and a wee blether with the players in training.


He has to go but we cannot afford to push him out and even if we somehow did find the finances to do so we'd be left with the horror show and dread over who this shower of shysters will bring in.


Never been so depressed about our club than I've been right now.



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McCoist is a major part of the problem not the solution, unfortunately he appears to put himself before the club. Our opponents last night were better in every department and crucially they looked a lot fitter than us, they looked the full-timers and us the part-timers, there running for the entire game and us desperately trying to hang on in the final minutes said it all.

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There's an interesting interview with Charlie Telfer here. His joy at being encouraged to play football now shines through.




Recently the Scotland youth star has enjoyed a fair bit of game time and he admits he’s loving it.


The midfielder moved to Tannadice to get those opportunities and, as hard as that can be, nothing he’s witnessed has made him doubt that decision.


He added: “I love the style we play and the fact the manager wants us to play football at all costs. That suits me because I don’t want to be watching the ball going over my head all the time.


“Long-ball stuff isn’t for me and the style of play and the ethos of passing, getting forward and attacking quickly is what I’ve enjoyed.”

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McCoist is a major part of the problem not the solution


Totally agree!!!


He is on a massive wage - even after the 50% cut.


There appears to be an increasing number of fans staying away from the games, not because of the boardroom/off field issues, but because of the on-field stuff. Folk are not enjoying the football they are paying to see. On paper we have a pretty decent squad of players, yet week-in, week-out we are grinding out results against much lesser teams. That is possibly the main reason for fans staying away.


Now, if a fresh manager & back room team are brought in, there is the chance of some style changes. Get the players that we have playing a more effective game. Of course, these changes should have been implemented when in Div3, where there was less pressure.


It's time for a freshen up of the management staff top to bottom. Rejuvenate the playing side & make a significant dent in the wage bill.

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