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We have around 6 players in so far and am I right in saying only 4 are out? Waterreus, Soti, Rae and Lovenkrands??


Whats happening with the likes of Bernard, Ricksen, Novo, FanFan, Andrews etc whom we all thought were leaving? Maybe they left when i was away but i havent heard of them leaving.


It seems PLG whats to keep the likes of Hemdani, Ricksen, Namouchi and a few others to give them a chance. This is what i wanted at the end of last season as i feel PLG will get much more out of them than McLeish did.


Im glad the first thing PLG has done is bring in midfielders, everyone knew thats the position we were crying out for new faces.

Now we seem to have a good looking list of real midfielders and with 1 or 2 more on there way:





G Rae




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We'll know more after the first 2-4 weeks of pre-season I'd imagine. Let's PLG have a look at the fringe players in differing situations.


Also, that allows the main part of the WC to finish which will enable us to make moves for other players.

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Big Marv signed a two year deal back in 2004, and i am pretty sure there was an option for a third year. Anyone know if its been taken before?? If not then i dont think PLG will offer Marv a new deal.


Kinda tricky situation with Ricksen. Heard he fell out with McLeish, and maybe fell out with the powers at be. Supposed to have been back on the drink. I guess its all up to PLG as i read in the papers that Ricksen is looking for reassurance from the man himself.


Personally i think Novo is done, i just dont rate the wee guy anymore

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