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Billy Davis,current squad would be wiped out bar,Wallace,McLeod,canny think any further,sorry


Mate, you only appear every now and then (usually late at night), but when you do you leave us with so much to think about with so few words. Thank you.

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Guys - please keep the thread on topic.


Everyone will have their good and bad ideas over new managers or players. It's fair to say we won't all agree on suggestions but I think it's fair to ask we disagree with a bit more respect than I saw in a few posts.

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Don't let this escalate, guys - play nice, all Bears together and that. Perhaps SC was thinking of Mr. Frank Zappa if he was thinking of drugs, after all.....



There, having been Mr. Po-faced attempt at sensible, I'm off to bed. No doubt I will awake to more horrific headlines or a teasing Jackson twitter


I should have used "and" not "or".....

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