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Dear Ally


You are a disgrace, an utter embarrassment. You are the highest paid manager in Scottish football and easily the worst. Once you were a legend but now you just disgust me. I long for you leaving us more and more as each depressing day goes on. You said you will not walk away, perhaps that was because of your obscene wages and the penny shares that have seen you makes millions as we trudge through mud in our destitute state.


I find it hard to distinguish between you and all the rest of them, particularly given the fact that you alone are to blame for the horrific football we have put up with for years and the string of embarrassing failures. I never wanted you as manager because I wanted us to take a progressive, modern approach to football and then you failed in four matches against Malmo and Maribor. It was clear from then that you didn't belong in football management.


I find you an embarrassing character riddled with delusion that doesn't have the merest notion of reality. If you had on honorable bone in your body you would resign without the pay off. You have got off with daylight robbery here.


12 points behind - surely even you have the decency to disappear. I hope the next time you attend Ibrox you pay at the gate and never get on our payroll again.



Ser Barristan Selmy

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