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Violant Hoops ... nope, there are none. If you believe the Mhedia

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Some may have seen the article below, which is about the only real one out there on the topic since the Yahoos defeat in Zagreb:


Celtic in Europe: Hoops fans in bother as flare is set off inside stadium and cops use CS spray on travelling support


THERE was trouble inside the stadium as Celtic faced Dinamo Zagreb tonight with the travelling fans setting off a flare and Croatian police appearing to use CS spray


CELTIC fans let off a flare during their club’s Europa League match against Dinamo Zagreb tonight.


There were also angry scenes in the crowd when police appeared to use CS spray on the Scottish travelling support at the Stadion Maksimir.


At one point a policeman in full riot gear could be seen seizing a cowering Celtic fan in the crowd.


During the home leg of the European fixture in October Scottish police arrested 17 Zagreb fans for alcohol and disorder offences, and possession of CS spray, flares and smoke bombs.


Four people were held inside the stadium. The other arrests were made outside and in the city centre.


Celtic fans have been warned before about the use of fireworks and flares.


Last year, 18 smoke bombs, three fireworks and a flare were set off at a match against Motherwell at Fir Park.


At the time, SFA security chief David Brand said he feared someone would be killed at a stadium unless pyrotechnics were stamped out.


He said: “Flares are now being catapulted from the crowd.


“There was a case in South America recently when one of these things became embedded in a supporters’ head and he died from his injuries.


“My fear is that will happen here unless we take a zero tolerance approach to pyrotechnics.”


Celtic lost the match 4-3 ...




Along with this you get the typical IRA-machine gun salute ...




... and pleasing ACAB songs.


As we know, it was not their fault. Back in Dundee it was the security running amok, the stewards did the same in Jamboland. The seats at Fir Park were simply not solid enough for a bit of enthusiasm and in Amsterdam it was the outright naughty Dutch Police. We'll see who will be blamed in Croatia.


Now, did you get any big fuzz about this - as opposed to us when someone sung TBB in Eindhoven or the like? Have a look at "NewsNow Yahoo" and it is deep silent complete up to today ...


NewsNow now

NewsNow Page 2

NewsNow Page 3 (starting post game)


(... do note that - as time goes on - these news will go back to page 4, 5 and so on)

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The raping of our club passes you by time and time and time and time again yet you take to the streets when Celtic fans light up a flare, fascinating.


No, it does not pass me by. And I am not surprised that it is you - again - pointing this out to me. You can obviously spend all your efforts and time on telling us what is wrong with our club, how bad our manager and players are, and how much we should look at our own faults and stay away from noting anything that goes on around us - especially in Yahooland. But please refrain from telling people what they should do or how they think. Your way of looking at the world is not the only and sure not the ultimate one.

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The raping of our club passes you by time and time and time and time again yet you take to the streets when Celtic fans light up a flare, fascinating.


Many in our support are of the opinion that the yahoos seem to get off rather lightly for this sort of thing all too often.Indeed on occasions they've gone unpunished.

Whenever the boot's on the other foot however and it's Rangers there is the inevitable mhedia campaign for maximum publicity in order to get the most severe punishment possible.

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UEFA have opened disciplinary proceedings against Celtic after for "crowd disturbances" during their match with Dinamo Zagreb.


The matter will be dealt with by UEFA's Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body on February 19, 2015.


It is the fifth time within the last three years Celtic have been hit with charges because of the behaviour of their supporters during European matches.


After the most recent incident - the unfurling of an "illicit" banner at a Champions League match with AC Milan in 2013 which resulted in a £42,000 fine - the club's chief executive Peter Lawwell condemned the "small minority" of supporters who were "damaging the reputation" of Celtic.


A £4,221 was handed down earlier that year after fireworks were set off by supporters during their Champions League qualifier with Cliftonville.


The club's fans also caused them to be fined twice during their Europa League campaign in the 2011/12 season.


In March 2012, UEFA fined Celtic £21,000 after supporters displayed an offensive banner and set off flares during an away game with Udinese.


Celtic were also fined £13,000 for "illicit chanting" in the same competition during a match with Rennes in 2011.


Given the high volume of supporter-related incidents, Celtic now run the risk of a more severe sanction over and above a financial penalty.


Potential sanctions include future matches being played in a partially or fully closed stadium or a ban being placed on supporters from travelling to a number of future away matches in Europe.

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