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"and so he faces the final curtain" E Times article " fans will miss the big picture

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Most contracts will probably just state the statutory payments as laid down by the law of the land at the time, you'd have to be well up the tree to get anything different.

If they're not there at the time of administration they can't TUPE over therefore they can rehire people at a lower rate than those jobs currently pay.


I suppose its the balance between the cost of long term redundancies and your plans post TUPE.

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I suppose its the balance between the cost of long term redundancies and your plans post TUPE.


Fairly easy to see the savings on your cost base if only the bare necessities TUPE over.


Statutory redundancy pay rates


These are based on an employee’s age and length of employment and are counted back from the date of dismissal.


Employees get:


1.5 weeks’ pay for each year of employment after their 41st birthday

a week’s pay for each year of employment after their 22nd birthday

half a week’s pay for each year of employment up to their 22nd birthday

Length of service is capped at 20 years and weekly pay is capped at £464. The maximum amount of statutory redundancy pay is £13,920.


You can give your staff extra redundancy pay if you want to, or have a qualifying period of less than 2 years.

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A very interesting article in the op. This Christopher Jack puts forward a staunch defence of McCoist, this Rangers man attempting to save our club from disaster, fighting the corporate rapists with their onerous contracts and crusading for all those unfortunately shown the door by Greenco. No doubt this is how McCoist wants to be remembered now that his footballing MO has finally crashed for, perhaps, the last time.


So, a few questions Mr Jack may have answers for.


Did McCoist back Whyte yet survive, even though his managerial career was an unmitigated failure immediately, from Malmo & Maribor onwards?

Did administration save him, allowing him to fight with a new regime but the new regime never got a start?

Did McCoist save the new regime, a 3 week turn around from his Ibrox suite announcement, and Greenco were the mutts nuts. STs ahoy?

For being a life saver, did McCoist strengthen by far the most onerous contract in the club at the time, £800k plus expenses in the 4th division?

For his unequivocal backing, was McCoist also rewarded to the tune of 1 million shares @ 1p as part of the corporate rape when they were floated to the fans at 70p?

Like Green, Ahmed and the rest, was having an ipo cash grab from the punters high enough up his agenda to warrant the support he gave?

Did he also successfully keep his massive and ultra expensive coaching cronies in their over paid jobs down in the 4th division regardless of their contribution and remuneration?

Any truth in the rumour that he even got his beloved Greenco to pay his brief salary shortfall that resulted from admin?

And even as the results got worse, did McCoist back his fellow 1p share buddies every time they wheeled in a new mouth to feed, ceo, consultants, whatever, without exception?


Did McCoist finally get a footballing challenge, a very sad state of affairs with only approx 5 times the budget of his main rivals at his disposal and not the favoured 500x factor, giving need for tactical awareness along with man managing & coaching prowess?

Did his coaching of the old boys lot of Miller, Boyd, Smith, Hutton, McCulloch, Foster etc continue to fail, likewise with his over paid journeymen contingent of Shiels, Daly, Black, Peralta, Simonsen etc?

So after surviving the horrific league defeats to the giants of Peterhead, Annan, Stirling and the likes, was the pressure now on from the rookies at Tynecastle since his inability to coach his old pals and journeymen starting 11 was finally found out?

Did his stubborn streak and squad lack of fitness, youth, pace, width and ability amongst his preferred picks rattle the natives?

Is the corporate rape of the cash cow now a troublesome issue for many many, and has the (unknowingly) fat salaried, penny share leader lost too many disciples so it is game over?

Have the despicable fuckers not even left a measly £750k to let him slip out quietly but even richer?

Should McCoist have been sacked after 3 months, long before Greenco, instead of fighting for more cash 3.5 years into an horrific, inept and catastrophic tenure? Therefore saving all this grief, obviously.


I understand the stalemate re the board and the end of McCoist's utterly shambolic performance as manager of Rangers FC , so hopefully it will be cleared up soon. One final pay off maybe?

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