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Interesting about Auchenhowie area, but kept quiet. How it would affect Murray Park I have no idea, appears to be a contemporary of Murray, Stewart Milne.


The appeal proposal comprises approximately 550 houses; office/business

development and sports facilities in the form of a replacement for the Allander Sports

Centre on the former bus garage site; and land for a rail halt and park-and-ride facilities on

part of the existing Allander site. An Environmental Statement (ES) for the scheme was

submitted to EDC in July 2006. The indicative masterplan (C1), on which the ES was

based, also shows the garage and car showroom, the Homebase store, the timber yard,

and most of the existing development at Lower Kilmardinny, retained. The appellants had

originally intended to include new facilities for WoSFC in their development, but

subsequently made a separate outline application to develop facilities at Auchenhowie, east

of Kilmardinny, instead.




ETA Auchenhowie is on a flood plain.



It is on a designated floodplain, Noah might be interested in it.


I know we are across the other side of the rail line, but the side that the plans were submitted for, Homebase side, could not possibly contain the proposed development of that size. I also read a while ago that the insurance companies will not insure anything on a known flood plain.


Not since the the law was changed, insurance companies will not insure domestic dwellings on known floodplains and the government won't compensate anyone who builds on a known floodplain.


Deja vu !

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Leaving aside the issue of the current board, I'm not sure that we can afford Ibrox and a training ground even if we were owned by people who were wholly trusted.


I'm not convinced that we can afford Ibrox either because a large maintenance bill surely can't be far away.


It would probably make sense to keep Milngavie, sell Ibrox and rent Hampden, but that's not likely to happen - and I'm not sure that there would be many buyers for Ibrox anyway.


The issue is the current board selling Auchenhowie. Fans have little trust in it to put the club first and do what is right by it.


Looks like a picked the wrong week to give up the heroin


jesus fucking wept.

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If Auchenhowie goes that diminishes Rangers FC. If Ibrox goes then that is the end, I can't see Rangers continuing after that.


We don't want to lose either, but if the worst happened, the club would still exist - if we wanted it to.


Rangers is not Ibrox and it is not Auchenhowie either. We have moved several times in the past and we may have to do so again in the future.


It's not desirable but strangers are running the show and we let them in.


Rangers can most definitely exist without Ibrox although I agree it would be very hard to take. Sometimes families have to move house even when they didn't plan on moving.


Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

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It's not desirable but strangers are running the show and we let them in.



No we didn't let them in. The fans were neither in a state of anticipation nor were they prepared for what was about to happen to us.

That is all down to SDM and the sp*vs that followed him.

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