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We desperately need to gain the upper hand and get on top of the situation in any ways we can because the growing widespread apathy mixed with downright defeatism will ultimately kill us off even if the crooks, conmen & their cronies don't manage it.


Our fans shouldn't EVER subscribe to giving up on the Club and/or accepting a new club, it's not even an option.


Rangers currently isn't what it once was, but it WILL return to the top.


Can't agree with that, Zappa.


The thought of five thousand Bears in an open, honest FC Rangers of Glasgow type set up appeals to me a hell of a lot more than fifty thousand paying through the nose to a corrupt organisation whose first priority is what they can make for themselves.


The old saying, 'The fans ARE the club' is one which I used to believe in, but not currently, and I can't see that changing while under the control of Ashley, Green and whoever else.

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Excellent article Andy Steel !


It's very much part of a societal trend that has been accepted by the politicans in power at Westminster over the past couple of decades.


I'd welcome a press conference on Monday morning that outlined plans for a new Rangers.

What we currently have is a club that has reached a state of toxicity that together with forseeable future of conversion into a soulless Sports Direct Corporate Vehicle is not the Rangers I know, it's an illusion that serves to extract money from your pocket.

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I'm reminded of the recovered addicts consistent description of how they got back on the road to growth - they had to hit rock bottom first.


The question is, how far away from rock bottom are we? You could argue that the last few weeks have seen us plummet further down that scale and you'd be right but I'm afraid we still have a long way to fall before that point of hitting the very foundations is reached. We still have a stadium, training facility and land. We still have sponsorship, merchandise and income.


I fear some or all of those will be lost before we really hit rock bottom. Then the question will be about whether or not it's worth reviving.

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