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Posted on Facebook by Jim Hannah


Dear All,


Please all see attached pictures from the IBROX DISASTER MEMORIAL PLINTH;

You will notice the face of the Memorial plinth has changed, the brickwork was in such a state of dis-repair, I decided to call in a brick builder to see what was happening and what could be done to resolve the problem.

The bricklayer told me the reason the bricks were breaking up, was water had got into the brickwork and when it froze and then expanded the brickwork started to break up.

Given some of the conversations I’ve had over the years with some of the families, the thing that crept up more than once was the size of the text on the Blue panels, it was so small you could hardly read it, also the picture in the middle was of fans celebrating, which to be honest in my opinion was in bad taste, given it was a Memorial for the Fans who tragically died in three separate disasters at the Stadium.

I spoke to the brick layer and asked if he could engrave the names of every Fan who tragically died in the three Ibrox disasters before then, thankfully he said he could turn it round in time.

The brickwork finished yesterday and each one of the Disasters has its own panel.

I also spoke to a Rangers Fan Billy Rafferty, (who does iron work) and asked if he could oblige and erect a small railing around the Ibrox Disaster plinth which he agreed to do in a matter of hours before his company broke up for the holidays.

The reason for the small railing was to hold the wreaths and flowers in place with as you will all know blew all over the place when it was windy.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to contact all the Family members before embarking on the repair work which was carried out on the Memorial plinth, I apologise for this, however I hope you all understand it was carried out with the best intentions of the Families and the Fans who tragically died at Ibrox Stadium in the 1902, 1961 and 1971 Disasters.

Best Regards

Jim Hannah

Rangers FC







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