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Sons of Struth have received information that in return for the naming rights deal...

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As posted on FF:


"Sons of Struth have received information that in return for the naming rights deal Sports Direct now own the shirt sponsorship rights when the 32red deal expires, this deal has in practice cost Sports direct £1.


Sports Direct can do two things now, the can become our shirts sponsor for £1 or they can sell the rights to another sponsor and they they will receive the money


Our board have now handed away yet another income stream to mike Ashley for no financial advantage to our club


He now owns our shirt sponsorship for a quid, our shops, our merchandise, our carpark, our edmiston house which was paid for by fans via Rangers Pools, almost half the adverts at ibrox (no one knows how much if anything was paid for these0 and he attempted to own our badge and crest and we still have no answer from the board if this has actually happened


I dont think his shops run BOGOF offers but it appears he managed to get one when he bought his original shares, I wonder why and more on that as we clarify it.


Most fans would consider his involvement only occurred after admin, you are wrong, more on that to follow soon also.........




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According to the club then, this would mean that paying a quid for the shirt sponsorship rights is more normal than paying a pound for the stadium name.


Ashely the Billionaire likes a good deal,............... for him !



ps. Well done Craig, it's the only way shareholders and fans will get any type of transparency.

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And Easdale complained we were not celebrating this enough, let us not forget.


We'll be told that we need MA to make money, otherwise he won't be able to throw all those squillions at us 'further down the road in the CL'.



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