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The link isn't working for me. Is it still OK for others?


No and can't find it on a search. Curious. And we are so used to everything about Ibrox being so straightforward, too....


Anyone who read it able to add any detail to the title?

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Read it about 6 hours ago (I'm 6 hours behind the UK). Basically a brief paragraph among a repeat of points we've heard before.


Durrant told to stay away from Murray Park/Auchenhowie for two weeks while the staff restructuring was going on. Which suggested to me that perhaps it wasn't finished!? Only conclusion I took from it was that he must have had words with somebody in support of Ally or over his 'so-called' demotion as the 'mhanky mhedia' seemed to delight in repeating.


It is the only hint I have read in a week that has referred to any reaction/response from Durrant over the 'reshuffle' of the coaching staff.

The Daily Mail probably made it up then retracted it just as quickly as a 'nothing story'. Typical for a mob that salivate while putting in the boot, regularly. A 'Clockwork Orange' comes to mind ...........

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