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He's a COWARD, he doesn't like a 50-50 and tackles from behind.


SCOTTISH football journeyman and no stranger to a hard tackle, Chic Charnley has lashed out at Rangers bad boy Ian Black.


CHIC CHARNLEY didn’t need to take lessons when it came to being one of Scottish football’s bad boys.


He was sent off 17 times in a tempestuous career that began in 1982 and finished in 2003 when he made his final SPL appearance for Partick Thistle 18 days short of his 40th birthday.


Rangers midfielder Ian Black has been booked 33 times and sent off twice in his 101 games for Rangers but, according to Charnley, their disciplinary record is about all they have in common.


Charnley, right, was as hard as he was skilful but has no time for Black, whom he regards as being deficient in both departments.


The 29-year-old was hooked by interim manager Kenny McDowall just 34 minutes into the 4-0 defeat by Hibs at Easter Road after a booking for a scything foul from behind on Scott Allan – a challenge that sums him up so far as Charnley is concerned.


He said: “Black is just a coward. His fouls are either from behind or the side or they’re late – you don’t see him going in for many 50-50s.


“On the other hand, he always seemed to be complaining about the rough treatment from other players in the lower divisions but if you dish it out then you need to be able to take it.


“I know Kenny McDowall well from playing alongside him for St Mirren and I know what he’s like – he wouldn’t have missed Black in the dressing room especially after he kicked the dugout after being taken off.


“That sums up Black’s attitude. I’ve never rated him as a player anyway but I particularly dislike the way he struts about the pitch as if he is somebody.


“He should never have been at Ibrox in the first place. I know Ally McCoist’s hands have been tied since they went bust but, even now, he isn’t good enough to play for them.


“He would never have got near the squad for any of the teams Coisty played in.”


Sky pundit Andy Walker was also critical of the foul on Allan, which forced McDowall to sub the player before he was red-carded.


Walker said: “That’s not the way to show that you’re brave. It’s typical of Ian Black. The jersey seems too heavy for him.


“He can’t be trusted – he can’t keep his composure.”


Charnley also believes the former Inverness and Hearts man should have been binned when it was revealed in August, 2013 that he had been caught betting against Rangers in a game he had played in.




He said: “How can you do that? His feet shouldn’t have touched the ground when that came out.


“Listen, we all used to put a coupon on at the weekend when I played but it wouldn’t have crossed anyone’s mind to bet against your own team.


“I know football has changed but if anyone in John Lambie’s team had been caught doing that he’d have had them up against the wall by the throat.


“As for my record, I did some daft things and sometimes my reputation preceded me but I was still playing at 40 because I loved the game.


“Black’s contract with Rangers is up at the end of this season and if they let him go – and I’m sure they will – I don’t think anyone will want to sign him.”


Charnley played for 12 senior clubs in Scotland, England, Ireland and Sweden but never made a secret of being a lifelong Celtic supporter.


But he takes no pleasure in the plight of the coaching staff at their rivals.


He said: “Ally had to deal with a lot of stuff that no one else ever had to contend with.


“Kenny is a good pal of mine and I know he’ll be hurting – my heart goes out to him.


“I really feel for Ian Durrant, too. The people running that club have no class and they’ve proved it by the ridiculous way they’ve treated him.


“They’ve demoted him to youth team coach in an attempt to force him out. It’s a liberty.


“However, once this whole episode is over and done with, I have no doubt that the three of them can manage another club and be successful.”



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"Charnley also believes the former Inverness and Hearts man should have been binned when it was revealed in August, 2013 that he had been caught betting against Rangers in a game he had played in." . Thats what did it for me with Black . Should have been sent packing on the spot.

He bet against us three times. Absolutely bizarre he was allowed back and it shows the apathy in our support that nobody cared.

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People may not like Black's style of tackling, but at least the footballer Ian Black gives you 100% of what the footballer Ian Black has to offer every game. It may be not that much, but if at least 7 or 8 of those regulars next to him of the park would do the same, we'd not be in a position where we are now, and have been for years.


As for Charnley, I'd expect that he will receive some legal letter with the word libel rather prominent on it. And while I am at it, where are those media and football experts raging at those diving cheats and racists from Scumland?


... or as an FFer put it:

Originally Posted by bilkobear

Two fb's have a go at a Rangers player in full public view.


The day that two ex Gers have the audacity to slaughter someone like Broon9 in the press in the same poisonous manner will be a day.


Black might be a twat but I don't recall him ever getting it in the neck in the same way when he was playing in the same manner for Hearts.


But it will no doubt go down well with many on this forum.





So what was he at Hearts?

I don't recall an all out attack on him then, but I do recall he was the same player on the park.

What has changed?


They may be right, but he is no less a coward on the field than Broon9, who is perhaps the dirtiest player in the Scottish game and shames himself constantly at home and abroad.

What chance of two ex Gers laying into Brown in the same manner in the Scottish press?


We shouldn't fall into their traps.

They smell blood with Rangers and it is now a free for all in attacking the club.


I cannot stop it, but I am fckd if I will stand on the sidelines and cheer those f****n c****s like some on here.

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the FF post is nonsense from start to finish. Comparing Black and Brown is like comparing night and day. Brown is an excellent player, hard , sometimes dirty but fears nobody and always gives an honest 100% - a player that makes a team tick and who is much more valuable than any transfer fee he'd command.


Brown is an excellent player ? Fck me, how Scottish standards have dropped. He isn't even very good. Excellent ? Absolutely no chance. IMHO of course.

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