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Areas of improvement?

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I know Walter needs time and he has stated he wont bring in others for the sake of it but after watching some players yesterday id like to identify where the areas of improvement are required.



McGregor has done ok since coming in. He is a decent SPL keeper but no more than that. He has produced some great saves but also had a lot of flaps. He hasnt had the best defence infront of him so hopefully the new recruits give him more confidence. Klos is still sitting on the bench earning 30k a week which is sickening IMO. I blame McLeish for not bringing him back but understand the German may have had an attitude. However he gave us years and years of quality. He is likely to leave in the summer meaning we are short in keepers.



Firstly Ehiogu and Weir look comfortable but I did feel a bit for Svensson yesterday. I think he can improve. But its good we have those 3 plus Webster to come in. And we still have Papac (who might move on) and Hemdani can play there - so we are more than covered at Centre half. I hope we get Webster permanent.


At full back we are sorted at LB. Smith has been good all season bar maybe 2 games but you can excuse that as he is 19. Murray came in recently and does a fine job and Papac can play there aswell.

Right back depth is a problem. Hutton has done a not bad job whenever ive seen him play. His best game was against Celtic. But if he gets injured we are lost at RB as Lowning hasnt had a chance yet. So a RB is needed.


Midfield / wingers:

Ferguson seems to be playing a lot better recently and got himself forward in the last few games - about time! Hemdani hasnt had a bad game this season even if he hasnt set the stadium alight. They 2 look good in the middle but a little creative player and tackler would be a good purchase.

Our wide players just arent good enough! Sionko had 2 good games at the start then has been Capucho in disguise since then.

Adam gets on the ball a lot and tries a fancy touch or 2 but is totally ineffective. But to his credit he has scored a few. But his crosses never meet there targets. He is a good player to have on the bench.

Burke has never been consistant. He does well in small patches but is then our injured for periods again, and he never looks a goal threat - something we need in midfield.

So id say a left midfielder is top target with either a creative or solid player in there next on the list.



If Prso stays on next season (which looks likely now) it will be a god send. He can rest all summer and come in 100% for next season. The big man is going to be almost impossible to replace. He is a banker to start when fit.

But who partners him?

Novo is a trier and is loved by the fans. But he cant re-do his 25 goals from a few seasons back. He gets in behind defenders but cant always deliver the final ball.

Boyd IMO isnt a the answer. He is a goalscorer and poucher but needs 5 chances before he takes 1. He is slow and has a poor first touch. Im hoping Ally can develop him.

Sebo - Yet to have a run in the team. He looked dangerous when he came on against Hearts. Its time for him to start upfront.


So to clarify: A few personell need to be identified between now and August. Right back, Left Midfield and upfront are the areas or concern.

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Just to add, it looks like we have bids in for Paul Hartley and Lee McCullough.


I think this gives us the bite in midfield we will need and both these guys can score goals.


They can also cover right and left midfield respectively and are both Scottish which is advantages.


However they arent world beaters but will certainly improve us domestically.

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Can't argue with much of that, Gribz


It is the flanks that have let us down all season, kinda reduces us to having 2 guys in midfield at times! Adam tries his best, but he just isn't up to it, Sionko is guff, and Burke isn't consistent enough, and lacks the decent final ball


As for up front, well i think Boyd WOULD be the answer if we got enough balls into the box ...... we just aren't creating for the guy, and like you, after yesterday, i'd be liable to give Sebo a start next game

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Iwas impressed with Sebo's effort yesterday when he came on - pacy, chased everything down.


The only downside is that as a striker he was doing all of his work outside the box. Not his fault though as he was chasing balls into the channels.


But I thought he did some excellent work and obviously wants to do well for the club - I am starting to think that,given some games to improve his confidence, that Sebo will come good.


As for the excellent work and industry the same has to be said of Novo - mid 2nd half there was a Hearts break after one of our corners and who was the player that chased the ball down in the RB position at the corner flag ? Novo. Great effort.

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I do remember that, Craig, it was fantastic effort from Novo to get back like that ..... what he lacks in quality he certainly makes up for in effort


I think if Sebo does more work outside the box it wouldnt bother me, as you need someone to do that in a strike pairing, and you aint gonna get that from Boyd, so they might compliment each other ....... i was amazed by his pace yesterday too ... 'curly wurly' might look like a wee dumpy thing, but boy can he run! :D

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Got a few points to disagree with.


I would agree we have ample cover at CB, but don't think you can count Hemdani in there. Also to say he's not had a bad game all season isn't true. Not his fault for being picked there, but as I've said he's a rank rotten CB.


Also re: the strikers. Sebo looked more like a footballer yesterday. But how can you slag Boyd's chances to goals ratio. Everyone sems to agree having Boyd on the field reduces our number of chances, yet he's scored more goals than probably the otehr strikers combined. So something doesn't add up in these Boyd arguements. Either we create more chances with him in the side, so a positive for Boyd, or he takes more chances the other striker, positive for Boyd.


Still can't see how anyone can state Boyd isn't the answer then say Sebo must start. I'm assuming your preferred partnership is Prso and Sebo then? :confused:


Boyd may have been quiet past two games, but played most of yesterdat with a knock and frankly has to start because our biggest threat.


Rest of it seems pretty fair to me though.

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Aye, maybe i should have made it clear, but i'd like Sebo to start with Boyd just to freshen it up a bit


Boyd will never do much work outside the box, and i don't really care about that, you need another striker to compliment his style ..... but get it in the box for him, and he will score. Problem is, we rarely did that yesterday, and part of that problem is our wide players!

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McGregor has made the odd flap but his performances this season have saved us more often than not this season so i dont know how you can critisise him.


As for the right back position im quite happy for lowing to be backup to hutton. Ive seen the boy in the reserves and he has impressed. theres another stevie smith in the making there.


Up front sebo is not the answer. Ive seen enough to know hes not going to make it and the sooner we get rid the better. Players like sionko and buffel can go too. these guys flatter to decieve at the best of times and are a luxury we cant afford.


Boyd needs better service. The last two games couldnt have highlighted it more. We enjoy a lot of possesion but the final delivery is substandard. This is the area that needs bolstered and the sooner the better. Ill be looking at burke in particular to start earning the extra cash hes just earned. this is another guy who has the ability but can flatter to decieve as well and its time he stood up to be counted.

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Up front sebo is not the answer. Ive seen enough to know hes not going to make it and the sooner we get rid the better. Players like sionko and buffel can go too. these guys flatter to decieve at the best of times and are a luxory we cant afford.



Totally Agree. I can't believe the amount of support Sebo receives on match days. The guy is useless. Surely our reserves could do better? Sebo runs about like a headless chicken half the time and Boyd scores all the goals yet sebo gets his name sung by half the stadium and Boyd gets absolute pelters

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I am going to shock everyone the person who should really be replaced within or out of the window is the groundsman. When i see the state of the pitch on the tv it makes my blood boil. I remember we used to have a billiard table pitch and now it is only fit for a herd of Hippopotamus's



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