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...while fans are queuing up to bail them out.


WHY the hell are Rangers selling their best player for just £1million when they have fans who are willing to put £6.5million into the club?.




It's an absolutely ridiculous state of affairs.


No wonder the Gers fans are going berserk.


It's obvious to me this is a reaction by the club to the SFA blocking Mike Ashley from increasing his stake to 29.9 per cent.


The club is desperate for money. I said a few weeks ago that it wouldn't surprise me if clubs came in for Macleod and Lee Wallace in the January transfer window.


It is well known in the game that Rangers need funds.


So clubs will try to get players on the cheap. But Brentford! For £1 million!


It is obvious Rangers are in a serious predicament.


Because what does selling the midfielder do for their chances of winning promotion back to the top flight?


I just don't know why the club aren't accepting people who have put money on the table with open arms.


George Letham, Douglas Park and George Taylor have offered to underwrite the share issue to the tune of £6.5 million.


They are genuine supporters who care about the Ibrox club and they have provided proof of funds.


Anybody who wants to invest in the SPFL Championship club just now has to be a fan given the state they are in.


They don't want to make a fast buck. Apparently, the club is ready to open negotiations with the trio over representation on the board.


But for me there is no discussion needed. Ashley's attempt to buy control of the Ibrox club has been rebuffed by the SFA.


So the club has to get money from somewhere else.


Why aren't they accepting this substantial injection of cash straight away.


Why are they offloading Macleod? Do they have something to hide? Are there things they don't want these guys to find out about?


I personally am not interested in who is in charge Rangers. I just want them to function as a unit with everyone involved working together.


I want to see the club run they way it should be run - on and off the park. If this consortium's bid isn't accepted there is a very real danger that more fans won't bother to turn up for the Championship game against Dumbarton on Saturday.


Attendances at the matches against Cowdenbeath and Livingston this month were below 20,000.


What will they be this weekend after this development?


The people who are running Rangers have to understand they need the supporters onside to get out of this mess.


If Letham, Park and Taylor came in then I am in no doubt that fans would have more faith in the board and more of them would come back.


I know for a fact that young Lewis didn't really want to leave Rangers. Certainly not to Brentford.


I am in no doubt that the 20-year-old has been told he has to join the English Championship club to raise money.


Yes, it is a higher level than he is currently playing at.


But I think he could do far better than the Griffin Park club.


The money Rangers will bank from the sale of the Scotland Under-21 internationalist, too, will do them for a month.


What do they do after that? They have lost one of their best performers, one of the few individuals they have who has a bit of quality.


Do they go back to Mike Ashley and get more loans? Are we the Loan Rangers now?



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