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It was before I was born, but I know my parents were friends with one of the men who died, Peter Wright and friends with his family too. He was coming down the stairs with his young boy on his shoulders and luckily managed to save his son's life by throwing him to safety.

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I was at Ibrox that day. Fortunately for me my parents only let me go on my uncles season ticket for the main stand. I made that stairway many times, as it was my quickest way home. A few of my friends were caught in it and were fortunate to come away with lost shoes. The pressure was horrendous.

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I left before the end of the game and was on that stairway. Must have missed the mayhem by seconds. Yet I knew nothing about what happened until over an hour later until I got home to Castlemilk. My ma was going frantic at the door. Could hardly believed what had happened when she told me


I was at the match as well, at the other stairway at the Copland Road end; there but for the grace of god.

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