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RST Statement on Share Purchases


The RST is delighted with the news of the past few days which now sees around 35% of the club’s ownership in the hands of trusted, Rangers’ supporting businessmen. With the shareholdings of the RST, other fans and individuals such as Ally McCoist, Walter Smith and Malcolm Murray, we believe that we are inching closer to the point where those who care about the club can command a 51%+ shareholding.


However, now is not the time to rest on our laurels. The club requires significant investment beyond the money that fans already contribute via season ticket and matchday income. It is our firm belief that the fans have a huge part to play not only in supporting the club financially but also overseeing its well-being through a substantial shareholding.


RST board member and Buy Rangers contributor, George Letham, is amongst those who have taken a large holding in the club. We will continue to work closely with him, George Taylor, Douglas Park and Dave King in an effort to rebuild Rangers on and off the park. We believe that the time has come for grass roots fans to shape the direction of our club along with wealthier supporters.


As part of the Union of Fans, and independently, we have campaigned long and hard for change. That campaign has not always been easy and tough decisions have been taken, but at every step along the way we did what we believe is right for Rangers. We are extremely proud of having stood side by side with those determined to force change under extremely difficult circumstances.


The RST is 100% committed to a successful Rangers, run for the benefit of the Rangers community and not nameless shareholders and their representatives. To achieve that we need the help of every Rangers supporter. We appeal to everyone with Rangers at heart to join the RST and work with us and wealthier fans to build a strong and vibrant community around our club – a community that can make sure that the damage done to the club over the past few years is never repeated.


Please visit http://www.therst.co.uk and join us. Let’s get to that magical 51% mark and take our club back.



- See more at: http://www.therst.co.uk/news/rst-statement-on-share-purchases/#sthash.edhZcxVV.dpuf

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The wider Rangers support should be very grateful for what the RST and likeminded groups have done to return our Club to us.


Now's the time for those supporters to put aside petty & personal issues and do their bit to ensure that genuine fans (wealthy or otherwise) hold the majority of shares both now and after the raising of badly needed new capital.

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That's an excellent statement. :tu:


"Ally McCoist, Walter Smith and Malcolm Murray".


Are these guys are backing the Trust with their shareholdings or proxy votes?


Not sure they mean that, more like all mentioned are on the same wavelength and will vote together.

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