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Remember at AGM Mr Somers said to email him any questions? Well sign the petition and put a question when it asks for your comments as he gets an email every time someone signs petition

Get sharing



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Full statement:


Remove the existing board, accept external investment and place external directors

Sons of Struth

Glasgow, United Kingdom




Our current directors have been shown to put themselves before shareholders by rejecting offers of investment from three parties and accepted short term loans from those they represent when investment has been available externally.


We have just lost our most prized playing asset in Lewis MacLeod and borrowed against his transfer fee to pay for immediate outgoings while two directors still on our board rejected £16m of external funding two months ago and the three directors who found this offer acceptable have been removed from the board. They have just appointed Mr Leach as Finance Director and he was also advising the board at this time even though he has close links to the eventual creditor selected, Mr Ashley.


The fans signing this petition will no longer financially support this board.


They will no longer buy match tickets, purchase anything inside stadium, merchandise nor online subscriptions


We will however fully support an acceptable new regime by purchasing half year season tickets, match tickets, hospitality merchandise (on an improved deal) and online subscriptions.


Fans should never be threatened again with claims that they are responsible for the financial position that we find ourselves in after buying 100,000 season tickets while in the lower leagues of Scottish football and regularly drawing crowds of 40,000+


Our playing budget is approx 33% of our turnover yet our club continues to haemorrhage money. This is not the fault of the fans who have supported the club financially throughout.


The financial position is due to mis management of fans money and an inability to place contracts with the best interest of the club.


There is investment available and, if required, immediate external funding which can be called upon while investment arrangements are made.


Removing financial support from the fans will not lead to administration unless that is what the current decision makers wish due to external investors ability to lend while share issues etc are organised.





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I haven't signed it because I can't support a full boycott, which this clearly is, but I would have signed it if it was just a petition to remove the board.


We must put as much pressure onto the board as we can, including telling them not a penny more. We are at the end game here, let's make sure it goes our way.

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