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Are the RST or RangersFirst buying shares every day/week?

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Had a look at the LSE today and noticed that there are numerous transaction that happen each day, albeit most are small. The largest that happened earlier today was 30k shares sold for a few grand.



Are the RST and/or RF buying these small numbers? if not why not? Is it all about funds available ........


How and when do they buy?

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Normally R F release info about share purchases via twitter or emails , not sure that they wont be keeping money back incase of any share issues . Not sure about BuyRangers , think they could be doing the same , their info to members is awful though , their new web site wont let me in , Ive emailed numerous times and have just about given up to be honest

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I'd hope that they save up and buy them in bigger chunks to reduce costs.


I'd agree bluedell. Apart from right now. If the percentages are as close as we think then I think the buying as much as they can is more important than saving admin costs or whatever.

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