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STEVIE SMITH admits Rangers are dreading next month’s powderkeg Old Firm clash

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From Sun website -




Published: 1 hr ago



STEVIE SMITH admits Rangers are dreading next month’s powderkeg Old Firm clash with Celtic.


The Ibrox side face the Hoops in the League Cup semi-final at Hampden on Sunday, February 1.


Smith understands why the Rangers supporters are worried about being on the end of an embarrassing result against their bitter rivals given their recent form.


And he admits Kenny McDowall’s squad aren’t looking forward to it one bit either.


He said: “I started thinking about the Celtic game as soon as it got drawn, to be honest.


“But with the results we have been having and the way we have been playing, I don’t think we can think about it too much.


“We have got to take every game as it comes. I know that sounds like an old cliche but maybe if we were playing well we could look forward to it a bit more.


“But we aren’t.


“Everybody has got their opinions and are entitled to them.


"The fans will probably be dreading it because in the big games this season, we haven’t done well.


“We know that but we will deal with the Celtic game when it comes.”


Meanwhile, boss McDowall — whose side face Alloa tomorrow — admits the club’s scouting department needs a complete overhaul.


He said: “Since the club went into the trouble that we are into, we have been operating without a scouting team.


“The whole thing has got to be addressed at some point but at the moment there is nothing.


"We have two people doing match reports for us. Obviously they do a bit of scouting for us as well.


“We have got contacts in the game ourselves and that’s what we’ve been relying on.


“This is such a big club and these things should all be in place. Hopefully we will get back to being the way we should be.”


Rangers revealed this week they would need an emergency cash injection before the end of the month or face another financial crisis.


But McDowall insists he’s purely focused on football.


He said: “That side of it I’m not involved in at all. I’ve been told to take the football side, which I’m doing, and that’s it. I’m carrying on regardless.


“I’ve had discussions with the chief executive but it has purely been about football matters. I’m quite happy to do that.


“I don’t think there’s any point worrying about the off-field reports. I’ve been told to do a job, I’m doing that job as best I can, and I’ve got to carry on.”


German boss Felix Magath has been linked with a share purchase in Rangers.


But he moved to play down reports he could be set for a role at Ibrox.


He said: “I don’t want to comment on my stock dealings, that’s private.


“I spent the Christmas holidays in London and actually visited someone in Glasgow but I don’t want to comment on whether there has been talks with the club either.”

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Try reading what he ACTUALLY said. Never said they were dreading it. Said they aren't looking forward to it.... now that COULD be construed as dreading it... but my take on Smith's words were that he was in essence saying "We are playing so poorly right now that we cannot look forward to any game except the next one. We are playing so poorly that the focus must be on the next game, we aren't playing well enough to take our eye off the ball".


"Not looking forward" can have two very different and distinct connotations, depending on which story you want to "sell" of course.


If Smith means they have to just concentrate on each game then he is absolutely spot on. Our form has been so poor that we need to just concentrate on each game as it comes.


Funny how we rush to besmirch journos when we like but just as quickly accept their written word as gospel when it suits us.

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I know young Steven and his family from Blantyre, and I will tell you what - he wont be holding back against them. He doesn't shirk a challenge. He knows he is not a world beater but he will give everything he has got. I think his words have been twisted somewhat in that headline. And as others have said - he is right. We have next to no chance against them, and I'm dreading it.

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I am not worried because I know we will win as for Stevie smith he would never play for my team.ever again


What on earth are you basing that optimism on?


Genuine question mate.


What have you seen in our current playing squad that would indicate we are capable of winning against any half decent team?

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If that's his attitude before the game even starts he should never wear a Rangers' shirt again.


At what point in that interview does he say the team are dreading it? He says the fans probably are. Poetic license by the headline writer to sell papers because they know people will bite. The real cowards are guys like Black who act like idiots in the big games to get sent off or taken off because they can't stand the heat - yet some people are naive enough to see that as commitment.

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