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Felix Magath aligns with the 3 Bears - another 1% to the good guys

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"Former Bayern Munich boss holds talks with consortium looking to gain control at Ibrox as he impresses with his blueprint for future of the club

Felix Magath has joined forces with the Three Bears in a bid to force a regime change at Rangers.

Record Sport revealed yesterday how the former Bayern Munich boss had bought one per cent stake in the cash crippled club.

Magath held discussions with one of the key players in the Three Bears consortium after flying into Scotland last week."




Is it just just coincidence that Nerlinger, who has been so heavily linked with us recently is fairly close to Magath (I believe)? Nerlinger also scored against Magath's Stuttgart side when we beat them at Ibrox in 2003.

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Magath certainly interests me in some sort of DoF role.


The rumoured Cathro as his Head Coach would certainly put a few Scottish football commentator's gases at a peep as well.


its certainly an interesting combination if it comes to fruition


definitely a statement of intent not to to return to living in the past :thup:

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Rangers legend Jorg Albertz backs old boss Feliz Magath to take Ibrox club back to the top


Jan 10, 2015 08:23

By Gary Ralston


JORG ALBERTZ believes Felix Magath would bring the good times back to Ibrox after his old boss bought shares in crisis-stricken Rangers.


FELIX Magath has already helped one player reach the top at Rangers – and Jorg Albertz is backing his mentor to haul the club back to the pinnacle of the game.


Albertz reacted with delight when Record Sport broke the news to him yesterday his former Hamburg coach has bought a one per cent stake in the club.


We exclusively revealed how Magath, 61, has forked out around £200,000 in a private investment of shares and held talks with one of the groups keen to restore the fortunes of the troubled club.


The former Bayern Munich boss, a European Cup winner as a player and twice World Cup finalist, outlined his vision for the footballing future of Rangers after travelling to Scotland last weekend.


He could now become new technical director of the club, overseeing all aspects of player development and scouting from youth team upwards, although he has no interest in becoming first-team coach.


Magath was bowled over by the quality of Murray Park when he took Fulham there for pre-season training last summer and, as a long-term admirer of Rangers, he had no qualms about investing in the club.


He believes it can be returned to the top, but an overhaul of the playing department is required with greater emphasis on British, European and worldwide scouting.


The focus will also be on youth development and a nod to the German model, with strong

technical abilities and peak physical fitness to the fore.


Albertz has seen it all before and reckons he can replicate the success he enjoyed with his former club, as well as other Bundesliga outfits such as Stuttgart and Wolfsburg.


The Hammer said: “Felix was my coach at Hamburg and made me captain of the club.


“You will work like never before when he is your boss but that is no bad thing.


“Footballers have the nicest job in the world and Felix has never been guilty of anything other than making his players 100 per cent fit to represent the club that pays their wages. He was one of the greatest influences in my career and helped me secure my move to Rangers in 1996.


“I had been made captain that season and we went from 15th in the Bundesliga to fifth, qualifying for the UEFA Cup in the process, which was quite an achievement for Hamburg at that time.


“If it was not for Felix I would not have performed so well when the gaffer, Walter Smith, came to watch me a few times before making his move to sign me.”


Magath is known in German football as The Fireman because he put out relegation fires at a string of clubs, including Stuttgart, Wolfsburg, Nurnberg and Werder Bremen.


However, Albertz bristles when his other nickname, Saddam, is mentioned because he knows from first-hand experience his old boss is not the training-ground dictator many try to make him out.


Albertz said: “Felix lives for football, from the first minute he wakes in the morning.


“He may be hard on players, but he’s harder on himself. We went for training camps every

pre-season, three sessions a day and he participated in every one of them.


“Listen, what’s a young boy like me to say when you get up at 6.30am for a training run before breakfast and find the head coach is leading from the front? And I’ll bet, even at the age of 61, Felix is fitter than half the men out there half his age.


“I was part of a group of young players he developed at Hamburg and we were successful because we were fit and hungry.


“He can bring through players to a world class level and can hopefully bring through boys in the same way at Ibrox.”


Albertz has scoffed at cynics who have accused Magath of carpet bagging and German sources have also dismissed suggestions his investment has been made for a quick financial return.


Albertz, who will be at Ibrox later this month for the Fernando Ricksen benefit match, said: “Felix has been a player and coach at the highest level. Finance is not an issue.


“Rangers can be pleased someone of his stature is showing interest in developing the future structure of the club.”


Magath believes he can work his magic at Rangers in the same way he did at Stuttgart and Wolfsburg. He saved Stuttgart from relegation in 2001 and within two years they were runners-up in the Bundesliga.


His work there won him a move to Bayern Munich where he completed the domestic double two seasons in a row before he was axed and moved to Wolfsburg, arguably the greatest stint of his career.


Albertz said: “Felix enjoyed success with Bayern but it’s a club with huge spending power. That’s not the Felix I know.


“He prefers developing young boys and it would be great to see that at Rangers. I’d love to see him at Ibrox. Who knows, maybe I’ll even catch up with him at the game for Fernando.”



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My only 'concern' with the Felix Magath type model of football philosophy, you really do have to suffer a fair degree of pain before the gain i.e. you more or less rip up the current model (albeit we don't have one!!!) and start again with youth in the side. This would have been the perfect marriage 2 years ago, but we know how that opportunity has been wasted entirely.

It would need extreme patience from the fans, but I for one would be willing to give him it. Would we fill the stadium through a long (possibly painful) rebuild of our playing structure? That is one I'm not so sure about, so it could be a big hit financially.

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