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so we all need to expect less, but I don't ever see that happening.


It doesnt have to mean that we expect less. It's more about how we go about getting back to the top. Hard work, good management on and off the pitch, build block by block, if we earn it we spend it. Done right it doesnt have to take forever. Any big bucks needs to be "invested" in infrastructure (departments functioning) iniatives that open up revenuevstreams that are sustainable, not "gambled" on a 20 million pound team with huge wage bills we cant sustain unless we get lucky in europe..

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I totally understand that if you're a millionaire then you shouldn't invest in a football club, even if you love them, because you will probably end up only comfortable in your life, not extremely wealthy.


It is only as a genuine billionaire that you can afford to heavily invest in a Club and then you're only going to do that, either, as an investment or because you genuinely love a Club. We wish the latter, understandably, but we don't have any takers (King is not a UK billionaire, but we're thankful for his willingness to invest) of the latter variety. We unfortunately have one of the former, who sees us a potential cash cow.


Therefore we need to look at other avenues, including Sarver, let's not write him off until we have explored other options and given him a little more scrutiny. If not him we need to find someone else or somehow coerce McColl to step forward, who is our nearest thing to a fan with major money.

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I agree we need to be much more sensible with the cash and maybe someone like Magath with the youth academy could give us a viable source of player promotion to the 1st team squad, where we've not really had that for as long as MP has been in existence, therefore huge saving on wage and transfer bills, but what we're being offered by the 3 Bears and King will not sustain us from where we are now to where we want to go. It is the start and incredibly thankful for their rescue bid.

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What is the reason McColl keeps saying he can't invest at this time?


He has an undertaking with his investors to only invest where he would spend their money and I believe the funds are are for in shipbuilding and the like (not Football clubs). At least thats my understanding of it.

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