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SIR David Murray has broken his silence on the battle for control of Rangers by praising the efforts of Dave King and The Three Bears consortium to gain influence at Ibrox.





But the club's former owner warned the club's cash position remains in a critical condition while uncertainty continues to hang over the ownership of the stricken Glasgow giants.


While fans have welcomed moves by the Three Bears consortium - comprising wealthy businessmen Douglas Park, George Letham and George Taylor - and former oldco director King to amass 38.1 per cent of shares between them in recent days, Sir David fears little has changed.


He claimed the stalemate between the board and those looking to take over is impeding the investment the club badly needs.


Sir David, who famously sold Rangers to Craig Whyte for £1 in 2011, said: "The way I see it at the minute, and this isn't trying to be smart, is people have changed seats at the table.


"But the fact of the matter is the club needs money and resources as quickly as possible.


"Dave King and the Three Bears I'm sure have the right intentions for the club, but they must be in a dilemma about how they take it to the next stage when the other sides don't seem to be willing partners."


He added: "I take my hat off to the people who are trying to do the right thing, and let's hope they're successful, but whatever way they are going to do it it's going to need more money."


Sir David, speaking after a £20m takeover bid from US basketball boss Robert Sarver was rejected by the club, criticised the current board and its suitors for failing to come up with a strategy to take Rangers forward.


He said: "I don't know what anyone is trying to do at the minute. I don't mean to be smart. What we'd like to see is Rangers in the hands of Rangers-minded people. But I wish someone would come out and tell us what their strategy is.


"Is Dave King working solo? Are the Three Bears working solo? If they are, they are going to have to come up with some more money."


Fans groups have voiced concern over Newcastle owner Mike Ashley's influence over the Ibrox Club.


The Sports Direct boss has a 8.92 per cent stake in the business, control over the club's retail operations and has advanced loans to the company.


Asked if he shared those concerns, Sir David said: "We don't know, do we? The problem you've got just now is that nobody is making statements. There is no strategy."


Sir David also welcomed moves by supporters to buy shares in the club through organisations such as Rangers First but said the club's cash needs were more pressing.


He also fears the club is losing supporters who may never come back.


Sir David said: "What concerns me also is that a fair percentage of the hardcore [of fans] may have drifted now, and I don't think it will be like you turn a light switch and they will come back.


"This will take time."



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Did he have a choice? I don't think he did


Yes he did. He chose to claim he was duped by someone he was told was duping him.


Ultimately he put his own life and well-being first which is fine but I'd rather we were spared his phoney concern now.

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I don't think he did have a choice in selling us. Given the EBT issue and the perilous state of the rest of the group, the bank appear to have forced the sale. However that doesn't mitigate his responsibility of the problems we had and where we are now as he led the bank into that position given his financial management.


Also by that point I think he was happy enough to divest his holding as he'd lost interest for some time.

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