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FT Blog on the Worthington Group (Rangers related)

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  • 5 weeks later...

Shareprophets appear to be going to full frontal on the Worthington Group.


This is the start of what will be a long series relating to the abject fraud that is Worthington (WRN). Please can the company note that The Sheriff of AIM responds to letters from bully boy lawyers not with silence but by publishing more. The first confidential letter from your two bit lawyer will be displayed in the urinals at Free Speech & Liberty Pizza as of monday. Literally, I am going to piss all over you guys.


I am sitting on a raft of documents and emails which will prove how and why this is a fraud involving inter alia: Craig Whyte (currently on trial for his part in the Rangers fraud), Aiden Earley (long time Whyte associate and a man barred from being a director) and current CEO Doug Ware. There is one other player in this matter who I shall bring into play later.


The key to this is the Jerome Pension fund – that is a fund which is meant to support the 159 former employees of the Worthington Group when it was a textiles company in Keighley.


I shall be disclosing documents and emails steadily over the next four weeks to show how this business was created, the lies told and the fraud engaged in. I start with a hearing of the pension’s regulator looking at how Doug Ware and his the co-director David Simpson ran Jerome. You will note how the panel describe Ware. Red Flags for tea vicar? The document is marked confidential but I am sure you won’t mind me disclosing it.


You can read the document HERE


I shall be revealing more about Worthington and its fraud and the similarities with Quindell on Monday evening at the ShareProphets seminar starting at 6 PM at 91-95 Clerkenwell Rd, London EC1R 5BX. There are a handful of seats still free and if you want to book one just email your name and snail mail address now to kathy@shareprophets.com




The page includes a link to the Determination Panel of the Pensions Regulator Oral Representations Hearing report.


A word of warning it is 71 pages long but does give a fascinating insight into how these bastards work, one of the main protagonists being a Barrister.


The "Rangers Loan" is the basis for this action.

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Thanks for that FS.


Having read through the document mentioned I think it is incredible how these gangsters operate.


Talk about abusing the system!


At one point one of them is a director of the company responsible for the pension, a trustee of the pension itself, and an advisor to the trustees.


Due to bad advice he gave to the trustees he was in a position where he could have made a claim against himself!


The incestuous links around the Rangers story since Whyte got involved begin to make a bit more sense after reading that document.


Honesty is like daylight to a vampire with these people...

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If you didn't laugh you would cry [emoji23] [emoji23] boy has that aim blogger pissed them off haha.

Also if a bear had been arrested for hacking there site pretty sure it would have been public news. Me thinks he just ranting pish

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