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I haven't a clue who these people are...haven't been on much for a while I know but are they new nicknames for board people or bloggers?

It's the same person who incessantly peddled that King could not move 10p out of S.Africa due to SARS, and look how that turned out.


A proven liar and shitstirrer trying to create division between Bears.

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If valid, the Board intends to seek to have such Notice withdrawn in order to avoid the cost and disruption of an ad hoc general meeting.


Hopefully the board will realise that the easiest way to have the notice withdrawn is to abide by the proposed resolution.

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The current Rangers board were always going to stall on any EGM requisition no matter whether it came from Dave King or the Three Bears.


Despite their official and public claims to the contrary, it seems very clear that the Rangers directors are completely biased towards & subservient to Mike Ashley.


Dave King, the Three Bears and other like-minded parties are going to have to buy up even more shares, get total control and take the Club back by force.

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the best bet in my opinion would be for the 3 bears and king to approach the easdales and offer to leave them on the board if they agree to use their proxy to vote out the ashley affiliates.


divide and conquer.


You seriously think they would trust a word that comes out of any of the Easdales mouths?

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