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The Board notes press speculation and shareholder concern in relation to an Advanced Notice for a charge over Ibrox stadium ("Advance Notice"). The Company continues to need funding, including urgent short term financing. Over the past few weeks the Company has held discussions with a number of parties with a view to finding a stable financial future for the business. The discussions which have been wide ranging including, both stakeholders and third parties, are with a view to achieving the best possible terms for the business. Without the authority to issue equity on a non pre-emptive basis, the directors cannot issue shares in the timeframe required.


At the current time the assets (other than Ibrox), cash flow and business of Rangers does not support a significant financing, on an open market commercial basis, to achieve the goals which the directors have set for the Club. Accordingly the directors are pursuing bi-lateral discussions with two parties who are both stakeholders in Rangers. These discussions contemplate a significant amount of capital being available to the business on a long term basis in order to enhance the squad which the directors believe is necessary. A consequence of funding to this level is that, in reality, it may be necessary to use Ibrox stadium as security; such a decision would not be taken lightly.


No decision has been taken at the current time while discussions are being finalised in good faith. The Advance Notice does not mean that security will be given, and the directors are adamant that it will not unfairly advantage the party with whom it was agreed. The Board will conclude a transaction, based on its merits, which it believes is in the best interests of shareholders as a whole in accordance with their fiduciary duty.

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December 2014: "Austerity, I'm no going to be popular"....Llambias


January 2015: Significant fan protests = roll out the 'enhancing of the playing squad' line.


What they meant to say was that most will be out of contract at the end of the season and we'll be forced to look for players.



Once again they use an official announcement to spin a line....

They should rename them 'Regulatory Moonbeams'.





Deceitful, untrustworthy misleading bastards

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lying bastards.


they have permission to issue shares they just don't want to anymore now that ashley can't buy them so are sitting on the option and have been for a while now.


they also were the ones that voted against the pre emptive rights so they could try to force ashley into power.


utter scum

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]A consequence of funding to this level is that, in reality, it may be necessary to use Ibrox stadium as security; such a decision would not be taken lightly.


The reality is that they have two near on identical offers on the table - one has Ibrox as security, the other doesn't. One offer should be dismissed immediately, but we probably all know which one it will be.

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they are inventing reasons to borrow this so they can sell ibrox.


It's almost as if the 3Bears or anyone else have not submitted any other offers. IMHO, the language used all points to Ashley's loan (& associated conditions) being accepted.


Funding new players isn't a top priority right now - stabilising the corporate/financial side of the club is of the utmost importance - we can worry about new players later on.

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looks like the board are going to throw out the call for an egm because the man who called it is a convicted criminal what a bunch we are cant we get anything right why not let park call for the meeting

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We have a few more loans to get yet.


"Sell Newcastle and buy Rangers. It really should be that simple, but there is nobody willing to take Newcastle off his hands for £250m plus, even if he was, contrary to those he employs to run things at St James’ Park in his absence, willing to sell.

There are people willing to pay less. Ashley, though, seems determined to get all of the money back from the £129m worth of interest-free loans still owed to him, on top of an asking price for the business."



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The fight for our club has just begun. We need a huge demonstration and to utilise all non-violent methods to cut out the cancer in our clyb that is Ashley, Easdales and Sommers......


Utter Scoundrels and Charlatans.


They may try and spend the loan immediately in all sorts of things. Is there no way an interdict can be issued to prevent this until the outcome of the EGM is known.

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