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Rangers legend Ally McCoist banned from benefit game...

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...for stricken star Fernando Ricksen because of gardening leave.


THE former Ibrox manager is barred from setting foot in Ibrox of Murray Park under the terms of his gardening leave deal that saw him exit the club.


ALLY McCOIST is being denied the chance to say his goodbyes to the Rangers fans at Fernando Ricksen’s benefit game on Sunday by the terms of his gardening leave contract.


The Ibrox manager, who was replaced by caretaker boss Kenny McDowall after signalling his intention to work a notice period of 12 months, is not allowed to set foot inside Ibrox or the Murray Park training ground.


But McCoist had hoped to play in the charity game for stricken Dutchman Ricksen who is fighting Motor Neurone Disease.


However, that could leave him in breach of contract.


Record Sport believes the 52-year-old may now ask Ibrox chief executive Derek Llambias for special dispensation.


A source close to McCoist said: “He will probably explore all the options in the next few days.”



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looks like he signed an onerous contract that allowed him to be paid vast amounts of money and sit on his ass at home. looks like he banned himself then! If ever a guy was equipped to " explore all the options" to his own benefit then Ally's yer man...

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Just a quick update on this from one of the main organisers:


"Just to put the record straight. The daily record today are saying the board are not allowing Ally to play in the Fernando game. I phoned them today and tell them they had no right to print this as its all lies .

Ally was never asked to play in the first place .its all players from Fernando's era.

With exception of Marco Negri and a goram.

It just fell on deaf ears."

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